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So pigs are to blame after all!


And those pesky promiscuous viruses. More insight into the 1918 pandemic – the kind everyone fears may happen again – shows it circulated for a little while before it got bad. And as Tan Ee Lyn reports from Hong Kong, it was a swine flu as well:

Pigs might fly, but swine flu!


By David Fox

“I called the swine flu hotline, but all I got was crackling”.

The reference to “crackling”, or pork rinds, starts a host of Internet jokes and puns about the new H1N1 strain of flu that has the world on edge but fortunately, so far, has not reached the pandemic proportions feared originally.

The growth of the Internet – and more particularly social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Friendster – means that information about health issues can spread even faster than the most virulent epidemic.