More than just Games for Beijing

July 30, 2008

beijing.jpgBritain’s Association of Investment Companies is making the case that the Beijing Olympics will have a major, positive impact on investors’ perceptions of China.

They cite a number of portfolio managers who argue that there has already been a major economic boost to the Beijing area from the Games to add to the red-hot national economy.

Beyond this, there is talk of the Games as a showcase for China’s achievements. As John Millar of Martin Currie Pacific notes: “As we saw with South Korea in 1988, such an event can have a major impact on the international perceptions of a

As with nearly everything, though, there is also the flip side. Atlanta 1996, anyone?


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With censorship of the upcomming games,and greedy sponsors looking the other way,I’m not watching the games.I’m not buying any products that have sponsorships of the games.I don’t care who “wins” any olympic medels. Only the “athletes” who don’t get caught using drugs will get medels anyway.

Posted by Jay Elf | Report as abusive

I agree with Jay about shunning the hypocritical greedy sponsors. I doubt any athlete would use products like Coke anyway. The system will not change anytime soon because of the *huge* amount of corruption in the IOC, they even admit taking 10% of the total proceeds, so what is the real figure?

Posted by D Terkel | Report as abusive

I believe the Chinese have worked have worked hard to bring preparations to this stage, in spite of: protests,
earthquake, floods, algae at sea. I hope the Olympics go well, and establish a certain prominence among the International Community. It is very possible that Internet precautions would be taken for security considerations. I would like to see all athletes compete without pitfalls, and the Olypmpic Movement continue to grow, in spite of Commercial influence.

Posted by Ramesh Sujanani | Report as abusive

Most of the world has forgotten that CHINA IS A COMMUNIST DICTATORSHIP. Just because the Chinese want all our money and managed to buy the hosting of the Olympic Games doesn’t make them more democratized.

The spirit of competition based on ones personal ability with fair play for all??… yeah right… the Games have become a political joke.

Posted by Neal | Report as abusive