Iceland for sale — collect in person

October 10, 2008

Iceland for saleIceland is for sale — on ebay.

It has great scenery and wildlife but the financial situation is in need of repair and a buyer must collect in person.

Bidding started at 99 pence but had reached 10 million pounds ($17.28 million) by mid-morning on Friday.

Globally renowned singer Bjork was “not included” in the sale, according to the notice, but there were nonetheless 26 anonymous bidders and 84 bids.

“Located in the mid-Atlantic ridge in the North Atlantic Ocean, Iceland will provide the winning bidder with — a habitable environment, Icelandic Horses and admittedly a somewhat sketchy financial situation,” the notice reads.

Bidders’ questions included: “Do you offer volcano/earthquake insurance?”, “Is it possible that my payment will be frozen?”, “Is this the tip of the iceberg?” and “Will you accept C.O.D. as a form of payment?”

— By Carolyn Cohn


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Britain should invade Iceland and place a lien on the land and assets there.

And also it should apprehend all those terrorists, fraudsters and money laundrers.

Gordon Brown should then be appointed Governor of Iceland.


Posted by JonhD | Report as abusive

smart.. very !!!

Posted by A.S. | Report as abusive

Seems like a good investment… lots of energy. Anyway, the deal is off:

“This listing (320308801162) has been removed or is no longer available. Please make sure you entered the right item number.
If the listing was removed by eBay, consider it cancelled.”

Posted by Gugge | Report as abusive

Well, I’d call that little piece “Sitting Duck Humor”. Sort of like laughing at someone who slips on a banana peel, except its more like laughing at a badly injured accident victim.
I suppose unavoidable, but then, so easy to do, with those expressions embedded in our language, like “tip of the iceberg”, etc. Finally, not very funny, but then, the video game generation will appreciate it. I won’t get so snooty as to call it “bad taste”. Just awfully opportunistic.

Posted by AI TENGRI | Report as abusive

i think what iceland is going through is not a joke…
it is high time for the christians in iceland to wake up and pray for their nation…you wouldn’t want Satan to buy your land…give it to Jesus i say…and you will
surely have renewed fire for God and take on the
next generation of icelandic into a bright future for the glory of God…
we will be praying too on your behalf…bec you are not going to be the only one who will experience such a
collapse…be strong and take heart for those who are
seriously repenting …God’s mercies will see you through!

Posted by gracia nina requierme | Report as abusive

I like the humor. One has to keep one’s humor even in such a dire situation.

I think the horror of the situation is possibly that many of us feel a special kinship with the Icelanders and feel awful for them. This west-coast American has read some of the Icelandic sagas and has Scandinavian ancestry. I have taught myself Norwegian and I think the Icelandic language is beautiful and unique as being closely related to the progenitor of English, Old English (think Beowulf). I hope that the Britains see it that way too and that they don’t decide to drown their cousins in debt. Have a heart, Britain!

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This has been removed from ebay. I found another listing, that too taken offm but available in Google Cache.


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