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Active vs passive debate: the case of “monkeys”

April 9, 2013

As CalPERS considers switching all of its portfolios to passive investing,  questioning the effectiveness of active equity investment, there have been some interesting findings that would stir up the active vs passive debate.

from Funds Hub:

Passive, aggressive

October 1, 2010

CHINAThe days when active managers could ride a market rally and charge high fees for doing so could be drawing to a close. Passive managers are hoping to paint their active rivals into a corner by delivering better than market returns at a lower cost. The development of so-called "smart beta" products based on non-traditional benchmarks is expected to force active managers to sharpen up or get out of the game.

The art of being passive

February 26, 2010

Hundreds or even thousands of  “active” fund managers are competing to add alpha to beat benchmark indexes, be it in stocks, bonds or alternatives.

The case for active/passive investment

August 20, 2009

Fund managers come back to this recurring question — is it better to invest passively, tracking benchmarks, or manage your money actively, taking risks?