Global Investing

Three snapshots for Monday

March 19, 2012

The NAHB U.S. homebuilder sentiment index held at 28, below economists’ expectations for 30.

The missing barrels of oil

February 24, 2012

Where are the missing barrels of oil, asks Barclays Capital.

Oil inventories in the United States rose sharply last week, with demand for oil products  such as gasoline at the lowest in 15 years and crude stockpiles at the highest since last September. Americans, pinched in the wallet, are clearly cutting back on fuel use.

Cost of expensive gasoline measured in SUV sales drop

May 15, 2008



Are high gas prices killing Americans’ love affair with gas-guzzling SUVs? Looks that way.

The magic of seasonal adjustments: You’re paying less for gas

May 14, 2008


Been paying more at the pump lately? Not to worry. It’s just a figment of your imagination, new government data shows.