Wall Street’s cheering the Paulson Plan – a multi-billion-dollar taxpayer-funded effort to contain the credit market crisis. But a backdraft is underway in the blogosphere. Strategist-blogger Barry Ritholtz lays it out here in The Big Picture:

We now see that the grand experiment of deregulation has ended, and ended badly. The deregulation movement is now an historical footnote, just another interest group, and once in power they turned into socialists.

paulson2.JPGComments rolling into Calculated Risk are uniformly negative, with the two presidential candidates coming in for some scorn for supporting the asset relief plan.

A temporary ban on short-selling from the SEC is drawing some arrows as well from Zac Bissonnette in BloggingStocks:

It’s clear why the SEC is now banning it: this isn’t about leveling the playing field or making the market more fair or efficient. This about the SEC using its power to manipulate the market upward.