It’s the year of Tiger in the Lunar calendar. JP Morgan Asset management says the Tiger year opens with a bang only to peter out with a whimper — it is a year of fluctuating fortunes with people doing dramatic things, often on the spur of the moment.


“In short, it is a year of massive change, but it can also be a year to inject new life into a losing cause,” the asset manager says.

Here are some events that happened in previous Tiger years, listed by JPM:

1950: The (then) USSR claimed to have developed the atomic bomb, while the Korean War began with the North invading the South.

1962: Typhoon Wandda unleashed havoc in Hong Kong, while a border dispute escalated into the Sino-Indian war.

1974: A record number of tornadoes in the U.S., the IRA bombing of the UK parliament and the sudden resignation of Richard Nixon as the U.S. president at the height of the Watergate investigation