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Pay vote wrinkles

May 8, 2012

We don’t know the full story around Andrew Moss’ departure from Aviva on the back of a hefty protest vote from investors over his pay deal. It may well be that major shareholders made it very clear behind closed doors that they expected to see him go, with the vote acting as a public demonstration that they were serious about private demands. Perhaps the board found the advisory vote to be useful lever to remove an underperformer who had brought some troublesome baggage to the role.

from Raw Japan:

Investing as charity

November 17, 2009

While Japan took few direct hits in the global credit crisis, the aftershocks have been immense, and long-lasting. The United States and Europe may now be showing some signs of recovery, but the world's second-largest economy is still straggling behind and gasping for air.

from Commentaries:

Anglo’s shareholders – just waiting for more?

July 9, 2009

The Times says Anglo American shareholders have rejected rival Xstrata's merger approach.

Careful what you say

January 27, 2009

Bank executives beware. Turn your microphones off during what are likely to be stormy shareholder meetings this year.