It is early days at the Reuters fund summit in Luxembourg, but already a few themes are building. For one thing, no one seems to be too negative about the investment climate.

For the most part, however, the attendees are focused on how the industry will recuperate from the battering it has suffered during the financial crisis. Again, there appears to be a degree of optimism. Most of the talk is about UCITS IV, which is fundspeak for a new kind of pan-European fund that is easier to distribute.

Essentially, it a) allows fund managers to register a fund in one place and have it listed across Europe and b) allows for smaller, local funds to be fed into it.

The big hope is that this will both build the industry and save money at the same time. Hence the optimism.

It does little, however, to address the underlying problem facing fund managers -- to get distrusting retail investors back into a market that many are still afraid of.