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Apr 27, 2011

Nepal’s former crown prince warned over firing incident

KATHMANDU (Reuters) – An administrative court freed Nepal’s former Crown Prince Paras on Wednesday over his firing a gun during an argument with a guest at a resort, but only after warning the ex-royal not to repeat such incidents in future, an official said.

Thirty-nine-year-old Paras, infamous for his nightclub brawls and drink-driving allegations while heir to the throne, had been on bail since December last year after being detained for two days in the southern district of Chitwan.

Apr 12, 2011

Nepal launches manhunt for attackers of newly named minister

KATHMANDU (Reuters) – Nepalese police were hunting on Tuesday for the attackers of a minister who was stabbed in the capital hours after he was named to his post, a sign of worsening security in the nascent Himalayan republic racked by political turmoil.

Energy Minister Gokarna Bista was attacked outside his home on the outskirts of Kathmandu on Monday night by unknown assailants, suffering head and hand injuries, police said. They detained 187 people for questioning, but made no arrests.

Apr 6, 2011

Nepal to count endangered rhinos threatened by poachers

By Gopal Sharma

KATHMANDU (Reuters Life!) – Nepal has begun combing its southern plains for endangered one-horned Asian rhinoceroses to determine their numbers and locations to help protect them from poachers who sell their horns as an aphrodisiac.

Dozens of elephant-riding experts armed with global positioning system devices and cameras will scour the plains over the next three weeks to see how many rhinos are left, Krishna Acharya, chief of the National Park and Wildlife Conservation Department, said on Wednesday.

Feb 3, 2011

Nepal picks new PM after seven months of stalemate

KATHMANDU (Reuters) – Nepal’s parliament elected a moderate communist leader as prime minister Thursday, ending a political stalemate which the United Nations had warned could risk a peace process in the republic.

Jhalnath Khanal, chief of the Communist UML party, was elected prime minister with the support of Maoist former rebels, who dominate parliament, following seven months without an effective government in the Himalayan nation.

Jan 27, 2011
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Nepal Christians threaten ‘corpse’ protest in burial row


Christians in Nepal have threatened to parade corpses in the capital to press the government into finding them alternative burial grounds after burials near the country’s holiest Hindu shrine were banned.

Christians account for less than two percent of Hindu-majority Nepal’s 28 million people. Authorities barred them this month from burying their dead in the forested graveyard at Sleshmantak saying the land belonged to the Pashupatinath Hindu temple, a U.N. heritage site in Kathmandu.

Jan 22, 2011

Nepal Maoists end control over fighters, boost to peace

KATHMANDU (Reuters) – Nepal’s Maoist former rebels put thousands of their ex-fighters under government control on Saturday, in a move expected to boost a peace process that ended 10 years of civil war.

Maoist chief Prachanda and Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal signed a joint declaration giving control of more than 19,000 former fighters to a special committee headed by the prime minister in a public function telecast live from a Maoist camp.

Jan 6, 2011

Departing U.N. says Nepal peace process risks failure

KATHMANDU (Reuters) – Nepal’s peace process risks failure with continued wrangling between former Maoist rebels and other political parties, the United Nations warned on Thursday as it prepares to withdraw from the country after four years.

Karin Landgren, who will bring the U.N. Mission in Nepal (UNMIN) to an end on Jan 15, warned that political infighting over assuming the U.N.’s responsibilities meant the failure of the peace process could “become a self-fulfilling prophecy”.

Nov 24, 2010

Donors warn Nepal political deadlock may limit aid

KATHMANDU (Reuters) – Foreign donors including the United States have urged Nepal’s leaders to end a political deadlock that they say has stifled development projects and could limit future aid to South Asia’s poorest country.

Nepal has been in political turmoil since June when Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal resigned under pressure from the Maoist opposition who dominate parliament but have failed in 16 attempts to elect a new leader.

Nov 1, 2010

Nepal running out of money as political row festers

KATHMANDU, Nov 1 (Reuters) – Nepal’s government will run
out of spending money in two weeks time if a political row that
has blocked a new budget drags on, the finance minister said on
Monday, making it unable to service its loans or pay salaries.

The Himalayan republic, South Asia’s poorest economy, has
been without an effective government since Prime Minister
Madhav Kumar Nepal resigned in June, bowing to pressure from
Maoists former rebels who want to head a new coalition

Oct 28, 2010

Nepal firm takes high speed Internet to Mt Everest

KATHMANDU (Reuters) – A private telecom firm took high speed Internet facilities to the top of the world on Thursday when it launched Nepal’s first 3G services at the base camp of Mount Everest.

The installation could help the tens of thousands of mountain climbers and trekkers who visit the Mount Everest region in the Solukhumbu district every year.