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May 26, 2015

African leaders to hold summit on Burundi as violence continues

BUJUMBURA (Reuters) – East African leaders will meet on Sunday at a special summit to discuss the crisis in Burundi, where police and protesters continue to clash on the streets of the capital and the opposition has boycotted peace talks.

A Reuters witness saw police fire in the direction of protesters and gunfire was heard in several parts of Bujumbura early on Tuesday, where many roads are blocked and businesses closed after a month of sometimes lethal protests against President Pierre Nkurunziza’s bid for a third term in office.

May 25, 2015

Opposition breaks off Burundi peace talks over killing of opposition leader

BUJUMBURA (Reuters) – Burundi’s opposition boycotted peace talks with the government on Monday in protest at the killing of an opposition leader, despite U.N.-led calls for dialogue to end a month of protests and violence in the east African country.

Rights groups say at least 20 people have died since protests broke out on April 26, a day after President Pierre Nkurunziza announced he would seek a third five-year term.

May 22, 2015

Cholera hits 3,000 Burundi refugees in Tanzania: U.N.

GENEVA/BUJUMBURA (Reuters) – About 3,000 refugees fleeing political turmoil in Burundi have been infected in a cholera epidemic in neighboring Tanzania, the United Nations said on Friday, stoking fears of a growing humanitarian crisis in Africa’s Great Lakes.

Up to 400 new cases of the deadly disease were emerging every day, the U.N.’s refugee agency UNHCR said, mainly in Tanzania’s Kagunga peninsula where tens of thousands of Burundians have taken refuge, often in squalid conditions.

May 21, 2015

Two killed in running street battles in Burundi’s capital

BUJUMBURA (Reuters) – Street battles and gunfire erupted again in the capital on Thursday as protesters against President Pierre Nkurunziza rejected his calls for calm in Burundi, an ethnic tinderbox with a history of civil war and genocide.

The Burundi Red Cross said two protesters were killed as soldiers and police fired tear gas and shots in the air in confrontations with scores of young men throwing rocks and burning makeshift barricades in the roads.

May 21, 2015

Street clashes, gunfire erupt again in Burundi capital

BUJUMBURA (Reuters) – Street battles and gunfire erupted again in the Burundi capital on Thursday as protesters against President Pierre Nkurunziza rejected his calls for calm in the east African nation, an ethnic tinderbox with a long history of civil war and genocide.

Soldiers and police fired tear gas and warning shots in the air as they faced off against scores of young men throwing rocks and burning makeshift barricades in the roads, Reuters witnesses said.

May 20, 2015

President delays Burundi elections, more shooting in capital

BUJUMBURA (Reuters) – Burundi’s president pushed back parliamentary and local elections to June 5 on Wednesday and further clashes between police and protesters broke out in a power struggle threatening to unleash more ethnic bloodshed in Africa’s Great Lakes region.

President Pierre Nkurunziza said the parliamentary and council vote would be postponed from May 26. His decree made no mention of the weeks of unrest in the capital Bujumbura or last week’s failed coup.

May 19, 2015

Burundi police fire tear gas, beat anti-president protesters

BUJUMBURA (Reuters) – Burundi police fired tear gas and beat protesters who were demanding President Pierre Nkurunziza end his bid for a third term, in a resurgence of unrest has stoked fears of ethnic conflict in Africa’s Great Lakes.

A Reuters photographer said at least eight of the flag-waving and chanting demonstrators were dragged off by police on Tuesday. Some in the crowd responded by pelting officers with stones and rocks.

May 19, 2015

Burundi president fires defense chief after coup attempt

BUJUMBURA (Reuters) – Burundi’s embattled President Pierre Nkurunziza sacked his defense and foreign ministers on Monday, five days after surviving an attempted coup by generals opposed to his bid for a third term in office.

In a decree seen by Reuters, Nkurunziza declined to give any reasons for the dismissals. “President does not have to explain,” one of his spokesmen said in a follow-up text message. “Constitution gives him powers to (do) so.”

May 18, 2015

Burundi protests resume, Kenya calls for poll delay

BUJUMBURA (Reuters) – Small groups of protesters resumed demonstrations on Monday against Burundi’s President Pierre Nkurunziza and his bid for a third term, days after he survived an attempted coup.

The atmosphere was tense as soldiers deployed on the streets of Bujumbura where more than 20 people were killed in almost three weeks of protests before the failed putsch, a Reuters witness said.

May 17, 2015

Burundi president appears in capital, warns of Islamist threat

BUJUMBURA, May 17 (Reuters) – Burundian President Pierre
Nkurunziza on Sunday made his first public appearance in the
capital Bujumbura since an attempted coup last week failed to
oust him, warning of a threat posed by Islamist militants from

The east African nation was plunged into crisis after
Nkurunziza said he was seeking a third term of office.

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