Will ‘Slumdog’ win Best Picture at the Oscars?

February 17, 2009

Few would bet against “Slumdog Millionaire” winning Best Picture at the Academy Awards on February 22.

OSCARS/The rags-to-riches tale of a young man from a Mumbai slum winning a TV game show swept the BAFTA film awards and the Golden Globes this year.

With ten Oscar nominations in hand, the big question is how many of the golden trophies will Danny Boyle’s film end up with.

Is it really better than “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”? And the three other films in the fray for Best Picture?

Which film will walk away with the coveted honour on Sunday? And why?


I don’t think “Slumdog” deserves to win but it will win. Becuase it shows India ina bad light and that’s what the West wants.

In any case, even when it does win, India won’t get the creid t bcoz it’s made by a Uk director. “Milk” should win but it unfortunately won’t.

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Where does this idea that the West wants to see India poor come from? It’s a rags to riches story so yeah, he comes from a slum and wins big on WWTBAM. I came away from the movie with a great respect for the impoverished in that country. If anything it will make people in the West more willing to volunteer and help out the poor there. Lighten up people, there’s no filmmaking conspiracy in the West against India. If they made a movie only about the rich in India then people would complain that we’re ignoring the poor.

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Yes. Slumdog Millionaire will WIN the Oscars because of good story, acting and music….

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no, i think “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” should get that oscar, as it has more amount of action, story than any other

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Who does not want to see bad side of India ? Story line is based on something which is only written to criticize India. I wonder how come any Indian actor played part in the movie.
Someone also please ask A.R.Rehman is it his best music ?
I don`t think so… awards are given to this movie so that
more people will watch it and more people will laugh at India


i dont think SM deserves to win the Oscars, simply because i feel the content & story line isnt that great as made out to be, the acting (except the kids) is ordinary, dialouges are ordinary and yes this is not Rahmans best music. It also seems like a typical indian masala movie where the hero is victorious in all the adverse situations he faces and the kids get away with all the crimes they keep commiting. Fianlly what is the message the director trying to give through this movie?

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SM is a largely overrated Film, however has struck a cord with millions who have had theirs eyes opened to a side of India as yet un shown in mainstream cinema. This does not make it the best Film of 2008. The devicie story line, average script and acting in the second half make for a disappointing end to a bright and intricate beginning. Unfortunately there were no real contenders to exploit theses weaknesses and knock it off its perch. My prediction is for this reason it will win the Oscar.


I think Slum Dog should win some oscars. For all that people have said here, i found it an utterly heart warming film. I was totaly engrosed in the film, found it a joy to watch, and even shed a few tears. The film is a pure fairy tail. It just happens to be set in india. In response to ealier posts its not made for the world to laugh at india, or to criticize india. It criticises the ugly aspects of humanity, which are found in every culture. It just happens to be based in india..its a beautiful film, based in a beautiful land.

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Compared to other Indian films, this fil is average. But the irony is only when such films get directed by a foreign director…it gets noticed world-wide.

Speaking about the bad-side of India, neither of us can deny that such side exists in India. Only that we dont want it to be put in limelight. There is nothing to laugh at it…it needs serious attention.

But in any case, we want Slumdog Millionare to win the oscar award.


Believe me making movie based on slum isn’t easy, but this movie covered every facets of slum life with excellent approach. We never seen any indian director making such an movie or they may not able to do it in future also.

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I don’t think “Slum dog millionaire” will win the Oscar. We have seen many great Indian films which portrays the real incidents and life, by comparing this with that. This film is surely one among that, but not to the award winning extent.

Also we need to compare with other language films too, finally if there is not many nominations then this may get.

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Well it represents the golbal slum and may be voice of millions whose meaning of exisitence even uncompareable with other forms of life.
Why can’t a slum dewller has sanity? Arn’t they belong to collective humanity? Is Terrorism the only problem? Can’t people move on with life? World is made of two type and two alone, One “having”, Other “being”. We all are subset of this Paradox!

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A dissapointing film to say in the least. The improbable story line and awful acting barely kept my attention except to wonder whether it could get any worse. There are many far superior ‘Bollywood’ films around whether they are made in the UK or in India. The only good thing about Slumdog Millionaire was the incredible performances of the child actors which of course will go largely unrecognised!

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As an Indian we would like this to win OSCAR for the real potrayal of slums in English. But compared to local films this is average for a local indian as we have better films with more realistic potrayal in regional languages films. The recent regional film in tamil gives a good portrayal of sadhus of kashi. As one need to look at international audience into picture, this should get OSCAR.

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Being an Indian I do want the film to win the Award, but to be realistic it doesn’t deserve it! It is an over-rated film… but i disagree with the idea of it showing ‘Bad part of India’. I think some people get into the tunnel view of the West hating India and this is completely wrong. I have been living in the UK for 4 years now, and I can say its only a false perception.

SM is a story about a kid from slums of India who becomes rich, its just another rags to riches story with no intention to harm India’s image! But it surely is over-rated and AR Rehman has produced much better music than SM.

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I am surprised why Indians think that Slumdog shows India in a bad light. I think it shows India the way it is. Cheerful and capable of making the best of the worst and very human.Little Jamal steal the heart with his emotions and ability to stand up to his values as the heart says. That is India and very much human. It also shows the human side of the police and Indians in general who love to be happy with so little in material terms. The showing of the communal attacks was bit lopsided as we know that in the Indian scene both sides breed extremist and there is always a vested interest group fanning the flames be they political or religious.

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Aren’t the Academy Awards supposed to be about films made by or in the US? Like the BAFTA is for primarily British films. I thought that the Golden Globes was the world awards. As a tax paying, ticket paying, proud of my country American, I am offended the Slumdog is winning so many technical awards. Was it really more difficult editing, sound, mixing, music, and writing than all the American films nominated? I am disappointed in and disgusted with the Academy.

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I hope that the growing interest in Mumbai slums goes beyond a temporary fad and a fleeting voyeuristic exercise. This extraordinary interest should translate into action to help the people of the slums escape the abject poverty and squalor that define them and their daily existence. Jeff Greenwald, executive director of EthicalTraveler.org, put it well when he spoke with USA Today. “If one takes such a tour out of a genuine desire to learn and a passion for social justice, the experience can be valuable, eye-opening, even life-changing. If one goes as a spectator, it’s little different than a visit to the zoo,” he said.

This opportunity of global interest in child poverty should not be wasted. Instead, it should spur the Slumdog director to set up a foundation with some of the proceeds from the film to champion the cause of poor children with UNICEF in South Asia and the rest of the world.


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