Is cricket in South Asia critically injured?

March 3, 2009

This is not the first time cricket or cricketers were targeted in the subcontinent, especially Pakistan.

PAKISTAN-SRILANKA/SHOOTINGDespite the threat to players’ security, something which has led to postponement or cancellations of many tours, the subcontinent has always presented a united front which many will say was instrumental in the centre of gravity of world cricket shifting from England to South Asia.

There was always the fear of violence, the threat was clear and present, but what unfolded outside the Gaddafi Stadium at Lahore took the fear and threat to a new realm. Is cricket in the continent critically injured?

Can cricket recover from this body blow?


Am sure cricket will soon recover from this.. and we’ll be back. But am not sure about the fate of cricket IN Pakistan now — thank god Indians did not go there for a series. Am sure, International teams will all the more hesitate now to visit Pakistan, and they should. Just wondering what sort of assurances the PCB will give to the world to get nations to play there???
Things are just getting from bad to worse now..

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As described earlier by people about cricket, it is a “Gentlemen’s game” and I guess will always be like that…

The incident indeed came as a shock to the world. It will take some time for Pakistan to restore confidence among other countries.

But yes this incident left a black patch on Pakistan’s cricket field, which could only go away with time and governments effort in making Pakistan a “heaven” again.

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Terrorism is here to stay …. but thinking from a purely business perspective ICC needs to promote cricket more agressivly as it is nearing it’s end. Rumours a couple of year back where it was said that China turned its many basball coaches into cricket coaches overnight to copy the success that BCCI is .. imagine two of the most populous countries playing cricket and the amount of marketing budget it would generate and prolong the life of this sport

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I think cricket in Pakistan is going to take serious hit. I am not sure any country will be willing to participate in any sporting event in regions where there is threat to life of the players. Even if Pakistan is able to convince the international community within a short span of 2 years, it still will have long term impact. PCB will have to beg other boards or ICC for funds to run their show. Players will be more keen to participate in leagues than play for their country. There will be less funding to organize domestic tournaments. We would like for terrorism to not affect the way we live. So cricket will continue as a major sporting event in Pakistan but it will never be the same again.

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this is too bad.i realy againest of that thing how we can say to ourself human becouse we are like animal if we dont give any response againest this type accident

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Kiron, do you think the subcontinent will still host the 2011 World Cup?

How well can the South Asian bloc defend its case if the ICC decides to move the WC elsewhere?

After Tuesday’s attack, will Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh speak with one voice?


Rajan, the PCB is in a tight spot now. International teams like New Zealand and Bangladesh have cancelled tours already and it means 2009 is a bit of a washout. Re: 2010 and beyond, from the statements coming from both administrators and the players, it looks iffy unless there’s a dramatic change in the scene inside Pakistan.

The ICC umpires and the match referee have been scathing in their criticism of the security provided to them INIndia-38350220090305 INIndia-38339420090304


I am a Canadian of Indian Origin.

I think if India is serious about Peace with Pakistan, this is the right time to show that by sending Indian Cricket team to Pakistan. Ofcourse Indians can have their own security deals for this.

This is the right time to give them a hand when the whole world has given up on them.
By doing this Indians only gain leverage on the World Public Relations.

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Cricket is bleeding in Pakistan. Im from Lahore where Sri Lankan team was attacked, you could feel the sorrow in the air. People’s love and passion is diminishing due to these attacks. Politics has done its part in hurting every one’s feelings already and on top of this, such attacks have hampered our passion. I always think that one should not brag about past events, even though such an event is not easy to forget, but we should move on to turn things in possitive direction.
There are several countries who have hampered Pakistan’s reputation on securety issues, but would some one ask these folks. Can you suggest a part of the world which is safe these days? So if we look at one side of the issue these kind of attacks have taken place all around the world only this time it was cricketers directly invovled in it. Lets be clear that im not saying that officials were up to the mark on security basis, but more we look into this attack more politics and news will come out. Now since World Cup has almost been moved out of Pakistan therefore we need to flourish a supportive culture rather than critisizing more and more. It’s a sport that we all love evenly so we should come out and work together to make things better.
Most importantly, Pakistan Cricket Board must fix themselves before calling out other countries to play cricket. It sounds ridiculous when board has its managerial issues and at the same time they want to keep the players busy in the game. The whole infrastructure needs an overhaul. Definitely teams security must be the top priorty but it can only be achieved if a system is developed. Once PCB has every issue resolved only then it is adequate to reach out other countries, and honetly on then one can feel secure if PCB shows an actual working system.
We want to see all the teams to play in Pakistan, but under such conditions i don’t think any Pakistani would like to see players getting hurt, because our feelings get hurt too.

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It is obiviou untill and unless the basic problem is not solved nothing can be achieved. So even if every body knows that the Cricket in pakistan is dying day by day but the effect of this can be seen in our country too. Even if security concerns are major problem in pakistan but today our country is getting badly effected.
Cricket is passion for both the countries India as well as in Pakistan, but as long as the two countries will not solve their internal grievences as soon as possible the only sport which has gone to its maximum heights from past so many decades is about to vanish.
SEE if we can bring the The Great captian like Dhoni, Y cannot we bring the politician like that.


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