Indian dilemma — To Nano or not to Nano

March 18, 2009

Tata Motors is launching the Nano, the world’s cheapest car, on March 23. Bookings open in the second week of April and the 100,000-rupee car is slated to hit Indian roads before July.

nano2As D-day draws near, excitement is palpable among the middle-class. Dealers are reporting thousands of enquires daily for the “people’s car”.

But do Indian cities have space for the Nano on their roads? New Delhi is already bursting at its seams with cars big and small — and it’s a problem that’s fast spreading to other cities.

A year ago, R.K. Pachauri, head of the U.N. body on climate change, had said the Tata Nano was not the transport option for the one billion people of India.

Do the people have any other option?


I am proud that an Indian (Ratan Tata) and an Indian company (Tata Motors) has taken this bold step of producing a car, totally made in India. Producing a car has always been the prerogative of the rich western world, till Japan cameby, now it is India’s turn in the world map of Automobiles, let us leave a mark.The traffic problem in urban cities today is due to poor infrastructure, very bad traffic management technology and outdated cars still plying, a poor sense of driving skills among the people. These issues if it could be tackled, will make driving a pleasure I guess.Owning a car should never be the privilege of a certain class of society, the Nano is going to break that mould,Cheers to Ratan Tatas vision and Cheers to the Indian middle class.

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Tata is comparing its cars emmision with two wheelers, two wheelers are the most polluting vehiles on Indian Roads, and mind you this is India, i’m yet to see people “pool in” people are dying to show off STATUS, whatever shitty condition they are living in, Mr. Ratan Tata is only trying to cash on that phenomenon Ratan Tata in India is a respected figure and he should understand his responsibility, this is not one of those developed countries where business Tycoons are not responsible for the divastation they bring on people while trying to make money, the 2 wheeler accidents are because of Indian driving licenses being issued without proper testing in 90 % cases, including mine (find one four wheeler in the capital city Delhi that is 1 year old and is not scratched/bumped, its common with 4 wheelers too, they just don’t die, mostly!), i understand all your concerns and happiness about India rising, but give it a thought, what if the giant Tata bought the already successful technology of Reva (pioneer in electric car technology) and improved on it to launch the ‘Peoples car’ that was more responsible and environment friendly, you have no idea how many people are lining up for the Nano and people in the UN council are not fools, they have seen the world the reason they comment against Nano, we need to think of improving public transport in Cities like Delhi/Bangaluru/Mumbai, at one side we need regulations to stop people from buying more then one car per family (so that they manage with “pooling in”) Tata is only worsening the worst condition by giving the affordability at this point of time, the Truth is Tata is just late in launching what should’ve been launched 10 years back. Shame on you Tatas.

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It is one of greatest achievement of the century, I think one who is aspiring for a car should go for it. It occupies less space of the road, so less traffic problem. If the mileage per litre is above 16Kms, then it is a good step to save the energy….Sunilkumar

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