What I would do if I were India’s PM

March 30, 2009

INDIA/As the world’s biggest democracy goes to polls in April and May, Reuters India gives its readers the chance to say what they would do differently if elected the country’s prime minister.

Will you speed up foreign investment projects? Will you focus more on agriculture, putting more money in the pockets of farmers? How will you tackle militancy? And what will you do vis-a-vis Pakistan?

Tell us what else is on your wishlist.


*Restrictions of Education Qualification to contest election for MPs/Chief Ministers and every citizen who is contesting election.(Min Qualification Requred a Degree) from Government Recognized University.
*Age limit of the candidate to contest any election must be 50-55 years.SHOULDN’T BE ABOVE 60 years.
*Change in Law to contest Election(No citizen can contest election if he/she is engagged in any police case,regardless of conditions on court desicition.(This is a gap/chance they get to loot Indian Money.
*Immediate action on any kind of terror attacks on Indian soil(specially when you have a eye witnesses and camera recording) rather then going for legal procedings(This is an injustice with Indian Citizens who were killed)I see a failure & lack of justice sysytem in Indian Constitution.
Make the HINDI language compulsory in every school from primary level and a must know language to all the government servants in ALL STATE(if not they should not be appointed on any government posting)Reason, Language is the only source that will bind all the Indians together

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Everybody will say I would give food and shelter to poor , subsidiaries to BPL , education to illiterates, facilities for farmers , bring economic reforms . All this can be done by anybody its not necessary that you have to be prime minister for doing all this . Instead as a PM I would never have behaved like a PM for my citizens I would survey all regions to sort problems and would promote confidence and a feeling for nation in all my mother’s sons and daughters.

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1. 70% of Indian population lives in rural areas. The top priority should be to improve rural infrastructure.which can be as

a. Primary schools in every village having population 200-500.
b. Health centers in every village.
c. Connecting all the villages through roads(pucca) to their district headquarters.
d. Irrigation facilities likes canals, dams, water tanks etc should build up. Rain water harvesting schemes should be

5. New markets(Haat bazaars) should be build up , so that farmers can sell their products in reasonable rates.
6.Efficient Transportation facilities should be provided to villagers.
7. Loans should be provided at minimum interest rates through credit cards to all the farmers.

2.Education should be made as fundamental right of people. Better infrastructure and teaching should be encouraged in

primary, secondary and higher education. just opening an instituion is not enough, quality and standards should be

maintained. New Universities, Technical and Management institutes should be created. Also the cost of education should be less and affordable , specially higher education.

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1. Give mandetory death sentance to sajjan kumar and jagdish tytler and all those involved in anti-sikh genocide in 1984. Then i’d give compensation and relief to the genocide victims.

2. Blacklist and ban indian congress party as a terrorist entity for its involvement and sanctioning of anti-sikh pograms where 5,000 innocent indian Sikh civilians were systematically murdered by the congress govt party workers and their supporters.

3. Root out corruption and make it a death sentance for any offical caught in major corruption scandal.

4. Raise the education level of the country, so that the poor are given free.

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1. Standardize internal security into one overarching unit with all the other current units dissolved into various functions of the larger unit. Armed forces will continue to be separate and will second staff to this unit. Police reform to be part of this.

2. Standardize education nationally – emphasize subject knowledge, character development and all-round growth instead of only grades. Regional needs to be met without compromising above tenets. Standards will be administered and tested nationally.

3. Remove quotas in engineering & medicine, make them strictly merit based. Introduce a bridging mechanism to allow the OBCs & SC/ST students to cross the skills gap, pay the teachers in the bridging institutions higher than normal rates.

4. Improve / create public transport in all urban areas (major and minor), impose a higher personal transport tax, prioritize electricity reform.

5. Publicly declare income & expense and limit personal consumption of public resources to essentials (security and job performance.)

6. Nationalize water resources.

7. Create areas / zones of social & economic development and include states meeting certain criteria, regardless of language. All economic aid / infrastructure development will come from centre and language / community differences will not count. Only economic and educational levels will.

There are more, but I want to limit the points.


1. Changes in Reservation Policy;

- Eliminating people from Reservations category after achiving higher living standards and finacial postion. Ex: Once a person achived IAS/IPS or political top posts there children should compete with Open so that we can elimante rich people and give more and more opportuinities for the backward. Over time we can have country with no reservations.

2. Minimum pricing policy for crops for the small farmers only. Encourgaing small farmers to work as cooperate with multi crop system nad finacial support.

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If I would become India’s PM, my first and foremost priority will be to ensure that the public funds are spend in honest and transparent way which in turn will help to reduce poverty, hunger, unemployment (providing employment to people below povery line) and Illitrecy & will try to ensure that there should be accountability in system which will help to reduce various evils in our society.


It is important that this feedback should reach the PM. Possibly our time gets utilized even if one idea clicks. Ruling as PM is a major task, once simplified and delegated, becomes easy.

Corruption: Encourage use of plastic cards, remove tax on card transactions, photo cards to be made mandatory to counter misuse, less load on currency shall promote use of white money. All payments by companies, even salaries should be e-paid, end of manipulation and satyam disasters. Movement of cash should be discouraged. Retail outlets should not accept cash above 500 from a person. Banks not to dispense cash more than 15000 per day. Invite Swiss Bank to open branch in India – but on two conditions, All accounts held by Indians should remain undisclosed but should be transferred to India Branch; Also a bar on bank to export profits restricted to 2 % per annum. Bank can lend only to Government at 2 % less than prime lending rate.

Social security: Any person paying direct taxes i.e- Income, VAT, Service, Excise, Customs shall get equivalent credit for the tax paid / deposited as case may be- in Govt. kitty. The credit shall be converted into unit certificates. These certificates shall be redeemed on citizen turning 60 years and amount equivalent to 1 % of (no. of units x gold rate) should be paid per month as provident fund. This shall encourage people to collect and pay taxes. This shall also render various govt spending on tax collecting dept. that indulge in wasteful harassment to citizens and end up into corruption.

Employment: Honest tax collections, swiss bank lending to govt shall fill govt with funds, which can be utilized for developing the country. Lot of money can be earned from tourism. Latest machinery should be imported for cleaning city, gardens should be promoted, tourist spots, amusement parks etc should be developed. All this shall develop jobs for the existing uneducated persons. Any person planting a tree and registering the plantation in municipality should be reimbursed 250 within a week direct to bank account.

Education needs to be promoted. Govt. grants should be increased 10 fold. All expenses on education should be fully exempted from income tax.

Terrorism: The police should be equipped with latest arms, bikes, bulletproof jackets, helicopters, and communication equipment. Borders should be protected with laser beams, which can prevent persons from crossing land or sea. Salaries of police should be doubled, but if caught accepting bribe, should be demoted to constable.

Law and order: 24 hour courts, working 4 shifts a day, 365 days, working like airports. All arguments to be recorded and transcribed off-line by back office departments, orders dictated by judge to be recorded and typed by back office department and available on website or court offices. Adjournments should be available online, and make way for cases that can be heard. All courts to be air-conditioned and sound proof. Names of all persons convicted by law should be available on websites.

Agriculture: All senior citizens must be allotted 20 acres of land rent free, on application, with constructed farmhouse, a kisan credit card with 10 lakh limit. Farmers have been given a kingly treatment, and this is misused often, resulting in bad loans, wasteful spending etc. This monopoly should end and we have to create a set of people who spend their retired lives getting land cultivated and managing crops and agriculture out of their best life experiences. Best cultivators, in each district should be awarded with double the land, a tractor and should be made in charge of district.

Brain Drain:
Taxes should be imposed on income earned abroad, if education has been taken in India. Educated professionals indulging in unprofessional crimes should be stripped of their qualification.

Development of Country:
Often, people move to developed cities and work there, leaving back a place that remains undeveloped for years. Any person working out of native place or state shall pay 20 % surcharge on income tax.

Social Crimes:
Hawkers should be charged heavy property tax, since they anyway they evade other taxes. Married and settled daughters should not be eligible for succession in property. Marriage expense disclosure should be necessary when registering marriage. Twice the marriage expenses should be reimbursed by husband in case he files a divorce. Rape victims, dowry victims and victims of social injustice ( where accused is convicted ) should be offered preference jobs in social service – crime branch, C I D, women constable etc giving them a chance to wipe off injustice against women, satisfy their rebellion, and serve the country.

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1. Enact law to prohibit people with criminal background to contest in elections.
2. Promote educational reform by making education more industry oriented rather than theory oriented.
3. Work on infrastructure development projects thus creating new jobs. This should first start at government organizations. Making them run efficient with implementation of latest technology and processes would fix most of the problems that we face in terms of delays in implementing projects
4. Promote use of renewable energy thus creating new growth sector serving billions of people
5. Participation in community oriented or military oriented service for a year should be made mandatory for students.

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If i were PM of india..

some of the points should be directed to the PM. then there is meaning to write the things.
anyways, some major issues ahead of india
1. Terrorism, Take tough steps against pak.
2. hang the terrorists instead of running cases against them.
3. Rethink about the reservation policy.
4. WE as INDIA has manyh potential tourism places which i m sure can help indian economy in many ways. though we are running campaigns as indredible india and so on. we can learn from the countries as malasia and thailand who are earning hefty some from tourism.
5. corruption introduce cards system.
6. infrastructure developement

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Take India to the heights it deserves to be at.

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I would try to do the following.
1. Provide Free education
2. Provide Affordable healthcare
3. Promote harmony in the people and reduce the hatred amongsts groups on lines of religion, caste, language etc.
4. Keep off religious fundamentals from spreading harted and violence.
5. Build confidence & belief in people and my party men (whichever party I could belong to) that it is possible to earn a lots of money by talking truth for most of the time and being sincere. That they dont have to steal and rob and loot within a span of 5 years.
6. Improve the quality and quantity of medical education.
7. Abolish dynastic politics.
8. Allocate budget for better water management, waste management (minicipal, nuclear, chemical, bio medical etc etc)
9. Promote planting of more and more and more trees.
10. Bring in effective censorship of TV channels for violence and vulgarity of material broadcasted.
11. Bring in sense of heritage thru govt programmes (remaking successful films is also a loss of sense of heritage. Atleast we need to preserve the old movie and make it available adequately)

As I type, I realize that my people will never accept me as a PM :-) with such promises that dont put food on the plate for free, TV sets for free, employment benefits for free etc, and where I havent taken sides by religion, caste, language or at the minimum tried to bury past mis deeds with the new power I would get.

Long live Indian democracy, even I dont get the chance to be PM.

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I may be very naive to say If I am the PM but I would like to see the following changes in System.

1) Liberalization of labor laws(Means govt employee can be fired if needed), less corporate tax, easy credit availability to make India as a preferred destination for business.
2) Privatization of Air India, Indian Airlines, Indian Railway, DRDO, BSNL and non performing public .
3) English will be the only medium for primary/higher education through out the country. Liberal labor laws will force teachers to put their best otherwise will be fired.
4) Will end the Kashmir, Maoist’s, ULFA problem forever.
5) Will force the three parties political system for central government. No multi-party system at all.
6) Higher education will be must to enter politics.
7) Full freedom and support to media.
8) Will make voting process easy, may be online + what currently present.
9) One master account system which will be a must prerequisite to open a bank account or for any investment plan in India for every citizen. This master account will contain accumulated sum of property, money, investments from all banks and financial institutions for the a person and will auto deduct the tax applicable. PAN card can be used as an alternative.
7) Lastly, will wipe out the monopoly of Gandhi family over politics.

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If I were India’s PM I would send a very large regiment of soldiers into Nepal and destroy the maoists.

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Well I will not say I would do this and that because Mujhe to kuch karne hi diya nahin jata kyonki jo allies hote hai wahi sab kuch karte sarkar girana or banana to unka hi kam hai.

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I would find ways to de-urbanize and revitalize rural India with entrepreneurship and infrastructure investments to take the stress off the major population centers like Mahatma Gandhi suggested.

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corruption– yes no politician they talk on this cancer bcaus they themself r corrupt. if iam i will do this job.


If i was india’s prime minister i would be more focused on two macro issues india is facing today. First of all i would focus on the security of india and also see that there are no religious riots or so, i would try to make sure that every person of india says that he is indian and not hindu or muslim or any other religion.
Secondly i would focus on creating job opportunities so that every body is getting his piece of bread

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If I were Prime Minister, I would undertake to improve the “last mile” in all goverment department. I would invest heavily in training, giving them better facilities to enable to discharge their duties well. Their performance will be monitored closely and strong actions will be taken if they are found wanting.

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If I would be prime minister of India I would

1) Make Indian states federal

2) Abolish private hospital and so called five star schools

3) Private bank will be brought under a central monitoring unit only for private banks and subsequently banks will be made public

4) Ban religious holidays

5) Nationalization of all minerals

6) Improve public transportation

7) Death penalty for drug peddlers, people making fake medicine, people who steals public money and people who molest women

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1 Clean Water _remotest areas
2 Electricity _non-stop
3 affordable Healthcare + prescription medicine
4 affordable Housing NO MORE SLUMS !
5 wipe-out mosquitoes,dengue-fever etc…
6 CLEANLINESS everywhere ( civic sense )
7 good roads
8 Bicycle paths (villages+cities ) minimize pollution
9 computer literacy, at grassroot-level
10 End public&political corruption
11 Fast-track ALL languishing court cases
12 Enact Laws against Hate Crimes
13 NO more proselytizing,conversions by missionaries
14 NO new Churches,Mosques,Gurudwaras,and Temples.
15 DEMAND Birlas,Mittals,Goenkas,Dalmias, et al to
CONTRIBUTE towards Building the Nation
Profit is one thing; profiteering: another !
16 INCULCATE civic sense; of pride and humility
towards fellow citizens.
17 Stringent Laws against Ragging/Hazing
Eve-Teasing, Bullying, corporal punishment
18 Politcal Thugs should be reigned in and reminded that
the Constitution,the Nation is Supreme!
the Thakreys,the Modis,the Bukharis,the AmarSinghs,
the Mayawatis,the Jayalalitas,the Advanis et al
19 address Corruption vigorously

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Corruption has to be eliminated at the root level. Entire system(Government) has to be made transparent and viable to public access. Every Indian will be given a unique ID to make it use for all the processes across the country (Just like PAN). As a government, I will encourage private participation in Agriculture which is slowly fading across the country and leads to poverty.

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1. Strengthen laws to curb corruption, probe all the corruption cases of tainted ministers.
2. Link all the rivers so that there is balance in water level between flooded areas and drought hit areas.
3. Open up bilateral talks with neighbors for a peaceful agreements.
4. Provide adequate electricity and water supply to farmers of rural India.
5. Provide free education to all children below the age of 17 in rural India.
6. Open up the names of India nationals who have swindled black money into swiss accounts.
7. Strengthen internal security and seal the porous borders and fight against the global menace – terrorism.

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If I get the opportunity to became prime minister of India with absolute majority, I would be doing the following first 100 days..
1. Change the mind set of the parliament over healthy and focused discussions over the primary issues and passed the three bills first..
-bill to eliminate all the MPs with red mark of criminals resign right away
-bill for retirement age of MPs as 70.
-bill for Woman rights and woman quota of participation in parliament, based on all the parties acceptance.
2. Work along with home minister will be keep updating the security and law and order of all the border areas and the sensitive places and sit along with all the agencies and army to understand the complication and improvement require to keep every citizen safe and intact.
3. Work along with Finance minister to take a look on the economy and boosting areas to help the economy.Invited a commision to work on the core sector and the required money- Infrastructure, micro agriculture, Energy and alternate power, River joining project for Water conservation, and promote a GREEN INDIA right away in every nook and corner……..to generate enoung job for youth and other people.
4. Defense minister would be in higher priority to give updates over the border area and neibouring countries terrorirism activities to get focus. Allow a good chunk of army to get active and comb out all the MAOIST in JHARKHAND, ORISSA, BENGAL AND ANDHRAPRADESH as first priority and convert those people into mainstream.
5. Provide a very clear picture of vision of NEW INDIA, where the major population of youngistaan has CLEAN WATER, BETTER EDUCATION STANDARD, NUTRISIOUS FOOD and a great sport complex to deliver their talent.
6. Start a very clear tax method to generate enough revenues for centre from most of the people earning more that 1.5 lakh per year…
7. Corruption oriented minds will be either in jail or facing very tough law to not to dare to think even.
8. A very cordial relationship with all the leader whether in opposition or part of the GOVT to implement lots of hurdles in India jointly.
9.Relationship with the neibhours as an upper hand to understand the value and strenght of India better, and not dare to do any mesh….otherwise the retraction would be unexpected…….in other way stand tall.
10. Invite all the NRIs and enterpreuners to understand their issue, and implement lots of technologies as joint venture with Govt.
11. Make every Indian proud of their nation and as a great citizen of India…
3. Defense minister

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If I were prime minister, I will do nothing and just watch the blogs of “I were prime minister… !!!”

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I’d enact “Fair-Wage” laws, and set minimum wages by sector or industry. Enact trade legislation to protect against international corporations who intend to exploit the cheap labor and state education.
This would provide greater prosperity for the people of India, and level the playing field for workers and corporations across the board.

The outsourcing of America’s technical industry is exploitation, cronyism, and corruption at it’s worst.

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1. Electoral/political reform:
a. Require all political parties to have inner party deocracy supervised by the Election Commission or face derecognition.
b. Reward them with state funding for elections, but require full accounts and audit by the Comptroller & Auditor General.
c. Fixed term legislatures
d. Make all top appointents thru committee comprising Prime Minister and Leader of Opposition — this presently operates for the apppointment of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, but should be extended to the Election Commission, the Comptroller & Auditor General, the Chief of Defence Staff, Army, Navy, Air Force, and all Regulators like the Competition Commsission, Telecom Regualtor, Reserve Bank Governor, Securities & Exchange Board Chief, etc.

2. Judicial reform: Make all courts in India accountable to their High Courts and the High Courts to the Supreme Court. Fill all vacancies, create enough new posts/courts and tribunals so that the judicial back=log is wiped out.

3. Police reform: All top police appointments to me made by CM+LoP in states and PM+LoP in centre. Police to be delinked from Home Ministries and placed under the supervision of the Judiciary.

4. Expenditure reform: All industrial ministries to be shut and they should only have regualtors and one omnibus Industry/Trade ministry. Govt should concentrate only on Defence, External Affairs, Internal Security and on Health, Education and Nutrition, and on providing proper regualtory framework to the economy.

Jai Hind

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1. Broden tax base like imposing taxes on traders, lawers and rich and middle class farmers.
2. Reduce the tax burden on average working class people whom the Indian government is milking like anything.
3. Create accountability rule and time-frame rule for each government work to speed up the work and weed out corruption.
4. strengthen police force by making a central investigating agency with absolute power on cases related to terrorism.
5. connect India’s north-eastern states to India’s mainstream. Currently they are treated like colony.
6. Abolish rules which hampers the free movement of Indians within India like Article 370.
7. IAS structure will be broden with induction of retired army officers, academics and people having management background.
8. Improving village economy by connecting it with good roads, Basic hospital facility, true school system and connecting village output dirctly to the market with least middle man. This can bring the people to villages.
9. Pragmatic foreign and defence policy with an eye on Indian people interest. This includes strengthen the relationship with neighbouring countries and African and east asian contries, reallignment of foreign policy on Tibet and Taiwan to secure Arunachal Pradesh and Aksi-chin and focun on Pak occupied Kashmir.

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I would like to withdraw all reservations. All the students will get free education and free boarding & lodging during the student life. so that India will get efficients, to utilise thier skills in proper manner

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1) Ban fraudulent religious conversions to eliminate mutual suspcions & mis-trust and to promote equality of all religions and harmony
2) Probe every corruption charge in the last 50 yrs and open it up into public domain including exposing the beneficiaries of tax havens in Switzerland
3) Ensure transparency in the deeds of the Govt. – simplify archaic laws so that all can follow
4) Seal the porus borders of the country
5) Strengthen the army
6) Bring back PoK
7) Ban plastic & uncontrolled emissions – promote eco-friendly means everywhere
8) Promote gardens and urban forestry and clean water for everyone
9) Interlink rivers
10) Ensure heritage conservation – all structures older than 100 yrs must be protected and so must all manuscripts
11) Invest heavily in R&D and self-reliance
12) Amend the constitution to force the multitude of parties to align with 2-3 national parties
13) Promote healthy public debates across the country and bring errant misreporting media to task

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If I were the PM I would do the following things:

1) Double the Defence budget and direct it towards increasing the pay of Armed forces and support new programmes as providing new equipment to the armed forces including the new Jets, Artillery guns and infantary equipment.

2) Engage in active diplomacy increasing logistical and human support to Government of Bangladesh and Nepal to eliminae terrorism.

3) Approve a plan to Electrical fencing of Bangladesh borders and probe BSF bribery cases for allowing illegal immigration and punish the guilty.

4) Improve social and economic ties with the West and approve FDI investments in Power and Infrastructure Projects in India.

5) Launch a Nation Wide litteracy movement making it mandatory in the syllabus of all Colleges in Metros and Cities to send Students for 3 months Teaching module in nearby Villages. Education ministry to review each and every college for non confirmance and fining culprits.

6) Stimulate the economy by approving new policies of SEZ in the tier 2 towns making it mandatory for successful bidders to adopt a nearby village for all its development needs. Tax breaks to be provided to companies who seriously show benifits of CSR. This would be directly under the PMO.

7) Fast pace the process of Legal and Police reforms. De-Link Police from the polical class and look into Bonus schemes to motivate better police process. Also to provide fast track courts for all cases less than 10 year old in the Supreme and High courts.

8) Create the NIA national investgative agency. This would be a central agency with each state capital having a branch. This agency would be merge all ATS of state governments and would primarly be involved in intelligence gathering, prevention and nuetralisation of Terrorist attack. This would be directly report to Cabinet committe of Security (CCS) and would be joint agency of RAW, IPS and Army officers.

9) I would start moderate taxing of Tier 1 IT firms and invest that money in development of infrastructure in the Towns with opening up of 10 new IIIT’s and Roads.

10) Urban Planning to be remodelled and Urban Ministry to levy heavy fines on improper planning by local Muncipal corporations.

11) Create anti Corruption Ministry headed by PMO which would be very public oriented at the grass root level, each and every grivience would be reported to the ministry with help of Corporate NGO co-op operation. A company would be choosen to smoothen communication and provide all information to the Ministry with delays having fines and having SLA’s. Every quarter this ministry need to publish the figures of success.

12) Make India more favorable for investments by relaxing rules to set up new companies. Entrepreneurs would be given tax holiday. Tax holiday to companies which build IT products to usher innovative revolution.

13) For Poor farmers relax all their loans and provide them with agriculture equipment at a subsidised rate. For Rich farmers no loan relaxation but based on potential sponsoring farmers to attend agricultural courses around the world. To invest heavily in Rain water harvesting and irrigation networks in areas like Vidharbha, Andhra Pradesh, Bhuj, Jharkhand, Karnataka.

14) Continue with the NRGEA Rural employment. Promote small scale industry in the Rural areas and usher new infrastructure projects with Public Private partnership generating jobs. Promote 20% reservation for Women candidates in the Panchayats and Zila Parishads.

15) Complete the Roads projects like Golden quadilateral and invest heavily brining up the infrastructure in the North East Region. Create a special North East Ministry to fast track the growth with creation of 7 new airports and 10 new Railway stations in major cities of North East. Have tax free zones to promote industry in the North East. Opening 7 public-private universities in major cities in North east offering all major courses.

16) Focus on the Central Asia region and Afghanistan for energy needs. Promote Public-Private investments in Africa and look for partnerships in East Asia.

17) Lastly make VOTING mandatory for everyone under the age bracket 18-60.

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ILLITERCY-first of all i ll try to implement a good education system so that most of the people can get better education. as we know that every gov has formed some good edu system but failed becoz it was not implemented on grassroot level.reservation system must be remove ,so that tallent might come in front.

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there are mainly three top priorty kinds of work to do for indias betterment
1. removing poverty by removing reservation on cast colour and cread on instaling it on only below poverty line for their betterment

2.in peac process mixed war with pak by other allience

3. rules on foreign investmentwill be altered

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I don’t know what should I do..but I would appoint the experts in the respective fields as cabinet ministers and advisors. And all the decisions would be taken on the basis of experts opinion and my sound judgment instead of political compulsions.

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Focus on the Following Aspects:
1)Minimum 2.5% – 3% of GDP on Defence & Internal Security, overhaul the entire internal security setup on the the lines of Homeland Security (US)
2)All Government services to be brought online/computerised to eliminate corruption as much as possible.
3)Overhaul PDS system (after considering alternatives available worldwide)
4)Overhaul education system in the country & compulsorily invest a huge amounts annual in research & promote research & development
5)Boost government spending on schemes like NREGA to generate employment & monitor it carefully to make it more efficient
6)Implement Water Harvesting & dry farming intiatives throughout the country to increase agriculture production, boost commodity trading through exchanges to eliminate middlemen
7)Expansion of judiciary & implement police reforms to clear backlog of cases & improve police effectiveness, make relevant changes to reduce delay in legal proceedings,Police & investigative agencies to be more powerfull, answerable to parliament & less answerable to respective Home Ministries(Centre & State)
8)Implement major reforms to curb money laundering , narcotics, & arms trafficking, by improving on intelligence gathering, effective laws & better monitoring of the countries borders & coast lines.
9)Harsh punishments for repeat criminal offenders & parole violators
10)Semi Annual & Annual report cards for all Government Employees; promotions & salary increases to be linked to the same, procedures to ease out inefficient IAS level officers after 15 years of service,Dismissal & forfeiture of pay & allowances including pensions of Government Officers if found guilty of serious corruption or other charges.Annual declaration of assets & property by Government servants made compulsory upto the level of the President of India, severe punishment for anyone providing incorrect information in these annual declarations.
11) Massive investment in infrastructure, nuclear power, education, rural health to improve India’s standing in various health & wellness related indices.
12)Open up & speed up investments in sectors like travel & tourism.Also push for aggressive expansion in broadband penetration, civil aviation, setting up Knowledge based business, industries.

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In a present situation like India I will try to amend the several articles of Constitution of India which help us to form better government-

1. Prime Minister Election- Directly through the people of India and the candidate should be selected by the parties under the coalition like UPA, NDA and third Front. For that I will try to force the multitude of parties to align with 2-3 national parties.

2. I will try to form honest expert’s team of ministers

3. I will try to enact the rules and regulation of right to privilege

4. Only single member in a family must be contested in the election to save the democracy. Like husband or wife or son.

5. Ban on all corrupt and criminal politicians or the people who are involved to this type of activity otherwise they are declared innocent by the people or by the judiciary.

6. I will try to make the law on investment in properties like land and building to save the black money and promote it to form industry.

7. To root out the corruption I will try to decide the minimum salary, incentive package according to the work and post held by the person from time to time.

8. I will try to promote the incentive policy to control over population.

9. I will try to restructure education system.

10. I will try to develop the agricultural industry in remote villages by promoting rich farmers.

11. I will try to form a social and economic platform for the development of peoples of the country.

12. I will try to strengthen the relationship with neighboring countries.

13. I will try to make the rules and regulations for media work and liability/responsibilities.

14. I will try to make the low for work and powers of bureaucrats so that they can do work without any pressure of the politicians.

15. I will try to form and enact the laws and are help to develop our country and the peoples poverty with the help of ministers, experts opinions etc.

Dear readers please send your comments and suggestions on algnsinghad@gmail.com

Posted by Nem Singh | Report as abusive

I will strictly form the ministry of ministers who have the required qualification for their ministry eg.
IT Minister should have IT BACKGROUND and be an IT Savvy.
Agricultural minister must be from a farmer background
Defense Ministry should have worked in Army/Navy/Airforce to understand AND formulate strategise for real-time protection.
External Affairs minister – a guy who can improve BRAND INDIA OUTSIDE. We dont want people to just visit countries on our money. etc., etc.,

I have lot of ideas.. these are all samples. My consultancy servicees can be availed by our wold-be-prime minister at VERY NOMINAL COST. pls contact me @ mnxvrk@gmail.com

Posted by V Radhakrishnan | Report as abusive

Equal payment to women in all kinds of jobs they participate. A uniform education system throughout the country. Those who are capable and knowing such that at least they can make development locally will be given charge of the panchayats. Reservation according to need. Equal opportunities to all regardless of religion and caste.

Posted by Naarayanan Kutty | Report as abusive

Admission to educational institutions will be based on open merit only. There won’t be any reservation quota. Students who are economically backward, will surely get scholarships.
Give armed forces and police new technologically enhanced weapons.
Will provide vehicles in good condition to armed forces and police.
Relaxation in interest of loans to poor farmers.

Posted by Enu J | Report as abusive

If I was the PM of India, I would do the following :
1. Change India’s name to BHARAT
2. Education for all
– Literacy rate should become 90%+ in 5 years
– Introduce Moral Science in schools – Honesty has to be a virtue and an inbred quality in all human beings
– Setup more vocational and skill enhancement programs
3. Healthcare for all-A HEALTHY NATION can move faster
4. ENERGY security for all – Energy audits of each person
5. FOOD SECURITY – Increase productivity in agriculture – higher yields per acre
6. Remove the words – religion, schedule caste, tribes etc. from the constitution.. we are Indians..natives of India
7. ROYAL PROFESSIONS : Declare Police, defence, teachers and lawyers as royal professions..
8. No reservations of any type, anywhere
9. FOOD PRICES : Control mechanism for food prices..eg. in US food prices have not really increased in last 50 years as percentage of your income
10. Infrastructure projects : clear all files in 1 week..because delays increases project costs….which is nations money and security – more reserves
11. Minimum age for bureaucrats – IAS should be 30 years with minimum 5 years working experience in the related field
12. Roads – lifespan of minimum 10 – 15 years – nation has to travel on them
13. Ban region and religous based political parties – it divides the country
14. Taxation System : Every person should pay tax…as a percentage of his annual income in a graded/slab manner.
15. Special Law and punishment: adulteration in food, construction, anything which has a direct effect on human life (after all Fear is the Key)
16. Prepare 25 years plan for the country.
17. NATIONAL SECURITY : I-CARDS for all..invest US$ 5-10 billion in IT and security related softwares and hardwares

– RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT – have more patents


1.even distribution of industries (while new industrrial policy is framed)
2.compulsory education up to 10th class.
3.emphasis on science and technology , reaching to common man.
4.emphasis on research to make India a leader in inventions
5.uniform civil code
6.creating in each and every Indian we belong to Bharat
7. Compulsory for each and every Male to work for
some time in Milatary 2 incullate discipline
8. Eradication of poverty through industrilisation not by subsidy
9.Improving the standards of education and


1. Create an independent police force and CBI that can go after Ministers and Babus with solid proof. If they can’t, fire them.

2. Strenghthen democratic institutions with apolitical personalities like Presidency, EC and Judiciary.

3. Cut down government waste and strengthen private sector including agriculture.

4. Abolish caste based reservations and promote quality services and education. Provide financial assistance to needy and I mean real needy not based on caste.

5. Apply uniform civil laws through out nation.

6. Strong defences.

7. Annex whole of Kashmir and discipline neighbors so that don’t align with China.

8. Ban anti-national parties like CPM and CPI(M). They are simply mouthpiece of China.

Posted by Virendra Rajora | Report as abusive

1. Visit most of the the countries. Enjoy the perks & goodies. (Just like any other PM)
2. Hobnob with all criminals who were sentenced for terrorist attacks and killing national leaders. (do a priyanka style meeting ;-)
3. Sleep thru meetings (Just like Deve Gowdaji)
4. Never smile (Remember Rao garu).
5. Try maximizing kickbacks (I think precedents are too many).
6. Announce national bandhs once in a while so that people can enjoy more long weekends. (Karunanidhi does this once in a while)
7. Change ministers every week. After all, everybody needs to get a chance to freak out.
8. Have all portfolios myself. Try to set a guiness record on the cabinet size.
9. Will change PM’s house/office to rashtrapati bhavan. ;-)
10. Will commission a Airforce One like plane.
11. Dismiss state governments for the fun of it.

Posted by Chandrasekar Iyer | Report as abusive

On a More Serious note:

1. Abolish Reservations.
2. Make working in India mandatory for high-specialized eduction institutes (IIT, IIM, doctors etc).
3. Setup a panel to scrutinze all the IT returns of politicians for the last 30 years and unearth deviations. Results would be published to general public on a monthly basis. Alternatively include IT returns as public document that is scrutinizable by RTI act.
4. Encourage private companies to create government liaison services that would ensure that individuals need not directly interact with government and thus suffer humiliation.
5. Uniting rivers of india – This would be of paramount priority.
6. Proactively resolve all inter-state issues.
7. Privatise as much as possible.
8. Instead of providing money to farmers provide them with facilities such as equipments and other amenities free.
9. Annouce incentive schemes for farmers who has shown productivity improvements
10. Plan for more Amul like setups in other domains – such as agriculture, poultry etc
11. Make media accountable for all reports. Media industry must me made to reveal the source of info on request.
12. Media should not take in unspecified sources especially when they make specific accusations.

There are much more….

Posted by Chandraksekar Iyer | Report as abusive

I don’t want be a PM of this country, but what i would like to do is that to reduce the poverty and secure the food security, the policies shold be changes in to people centred by redistribution of land. All of know the reality that India is living in its 7 lakh villages. there for LAND REFORM is a chaalenging agenda in this country. Please, who ever become PM or the present PM at least try to do land reform in this country. It will be big model to the all world if India do the land reform for reducing the poverty. Hope Many peoples movements will take this agenda and work.

also please note that to reduce the socallad NAXALISM and TERRERISM this will be the most important work and impliment a people centered policy in INdia.
Hope the PM’s will keep in mind this very small request, but i am sure this will be GREAT opertunty for every PM to enjoy his/her position

Posted by Biju Kallidumbil | Report as abusive

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