Congress or BJP – who will win?

May 14, 2009
Poll symbols of the BJP (L) and the Congress

With just hours to go before the counting of votes, several exit polls have shown that India’s ruling Congress-led coalition is slightly ahead of the BJP-led alliance.

The probable lack of a clear winner has stoked concerns that the coalition that emerges after a month of elections may be unstable.

Which party will get the most seats? The Congress or the BJP — who will be invited to form the next government?


For Sure.. It is BJP..
I see there is a wind of change in the ground reality.
And BJP is well Coup for Governin India with Strong Hindu Nationalism Ideology…
I am least bothered about the Exit Polls…
It is funded by the Corporates, most of them are Pseudo Secular and Looking for a weak Prime Minister..
SO no wonder if Exit Polls are on Congress Favour..
Lets wait and See.. On 16th, u will see Wat I am tellin now is gonna be right !!

Posted by Rajmohan | Report as abusive

COngress COngress Congress will get absolute majority and prove all exit polls wrong.

Posted by Adarsh | Report as abusive

All the TV channels that are displaying exit polls are absolutely biased and are pro congress. The agencies who have collected samples and interpreted the data are not scientific. Therefore let us wait till the results are out and see what happens.

Second, it is the people of India who have given the verdict and we will have to wait for the result of the verdict.

Third, for the first time in the history of this country Shri L.K Advani had invited Shri Manmohan Singh for a national debate on the television. However this could not happen. This shows that the Congress lacks transperency and the Prime Minister is not advised correctly.

Fourth, the television channels should organize more meaningful debates, rather then always keep discussing secularism and communalism.

Fifth and final, it is time that all the political parties realize the importance of regional parties and form meaningful coalitions with a Common Minium Agenda.

C Sridhar, Bangalore

Posted by C Sridhar | Report as abusive

No Doubt only BJP will win the election.India can move forword and will establise as great power of world under the BJP.Suppose Mayawali will our next Prime Minister then She will only do to change University Name ,City name on the name of Mayawati or Kanshiram.If Manmohan Singh Continue his term then country will again face terrorist attack Manmohan singh only condole the attack.

Posted by Abhishek | Report as abusive

A little bird told me that the exit polls have to show the Congress leading given the party’s largesse.

The same bird says that if BJP leads, the Sensex will touch 25,000; if the Congress leads, then 20,000 and if CPI(M) extnds a hand to Congress, then 12,000.

Let’s wait and watch them all sweat it out.

Posted by yudhvir singh | Report as abusive

I hope BJP will win maority becoz, if you see the past 10 years Indian political history, both in the centre as well as the states, people have always liked a change in the government, the exceptions being certain communist states like West Bengal. Be it Bihar,Nitish for Rabri, in UP, Mayawati for Mulayam, in Rajasthan, Ashok Gelott for Vasundra, in TN, Karunanidhi for Jaya, in Kerela, Achuthanandan for Umman Sandi, in Karnataka, Yediyurappa for Kumaraswamy, and it goes on.. Even in the centre after a Gujral, Devegowda govt, then the BJP came to power then after its the congress that has won. So irrespective of what good/bad they have done people always prefer a change. So more chances are there for BJP.
Also most post poll predictions are often wrong which is evident from the past history. A survey conducted just considering some lakhs of samples wont be accurate at any time while the people who are voting are in crores and crores. These predictions cant reflect the entire voters preference. And some times if it goes right it is incidental or accidental and not accurate.
And this is why I feel the BJP has a slight edge over congree in forming the next government.

Posted by Sathish | Report as abusive

No coalition will achieve the required majority. It will be a HUNG Parliament. Hence expect a re-election within a year or two.

Posted by Salam Kudhus | Report as abusive

BJP going to forming the goverment

Posted by gurubaran.D | Report as abusive

The print media and electronic media largely have lost their seriousness in the subject. They depend to a large extent on the largesse of industialists and ruling party.Majority of the analysts survive through gift of t gab.Unless the country is strong and secure no other development is possible.Congress is shaky to call a spade a spade.They are not capable in this area because of vote bank politics.They are ably helped in this by our leftist friends. Congress is amenable to their(leftists) machinations but Bjp is a different ball game altogether. Leftists do not have the honesty to talk about the development in gujarat and other BJP ruled states.The results would come out in another few hours.Only Bjp is capable of arresting the slide in the country.People have to be prepared for this if not tomorrow but by the next elections.Until then we reconcile. People get the Government which they deserve as they say…

Posted by c.umamaheswara rao | Report as abusive

difficult to predict at this point in time unless all the results are declared.we are spending so much on this speculation.i request all the polititians to give just half of what they are spending to poor people in their own community.

Posted by DINESH | Report as abusive

definitely BJP. If BJP not then there is a bad news for india.

Posted by sandeep | Report as abusive

Firstly, the peacefull elections with 60% participation shows Indian Democracy and its people are in good healt.

Exit polls in India in the past have been not so accurate and it is now matter of few hours before we all know peoples verdict.

Unfortunately BJP by its communal stance deprive India of a viable alternative. It is time BJP realized India can ill afford communal disharmony and try broaden their appeal by concentrating on real issues that faces the country rather than try muster votes on communal divide.

For a large country like India, regional parties shall always have a say in who rules India. It may also cause a hung and weak government. We should try evolve a system whereby regional parties sohuld have a pre election commitments that if they by themselves are not in position to form the government they must align themselves to any of the two main parties to avoid horse trading and weak government.

Posted by syed | Report as abusive

BJP … BJP… And L.k.Advani will be the PM…


In all probability Indian people will vote for NDA.It is good for India to have a Govt,that governs.Not like the lame duck one, we had in the past.CPIM should be kept out of Govt. because of their orthodox and vintage ideology.Third Front is more dangerous.It is an assembly of greedy leaders running after PMs post.


Which party, pre-poll alliance, group etc would win, does not matter but what matters, as to how India looks i.e. ideologically, culturally, socially, united or disintegrated in political sense after the election results, that is more material and meaningful? Whether the unity of parties in respective groups would be of opportunism or based on any principles? The real picture shall be more clear and visible with the results and the formation of the government


I hope BJP wins although all the english Newspapers, Channels are booting for Congress. Advani will be a far better PM than Manmohan who is just an extension of Gandhi Parivaar.

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india now must think who should lead the nation ,because brain is more powerful than force .now you have to decide who has such powerfulbrain .war is not always good but it is must when there are no other options decide who should be pm.

Posted by jeewan singh | Report as abusive

I m sure Congress will will win maority because In this party it support all Dharm i.e Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, and other religions.These party always look health, growth and Nation development.These party has well educated people.

Honorable Manmohan ji will be the PM.


Who will have the much money power and Gun Power they will win the ellection

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