Has the Budget met your expectations?

July 6, 2009

INDIA-BUDGET/Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee may have disappointed the markets with a higher spending plan, but the salaried class is definitely walking away a little cheerful.

Mukherjee’s budget announcements include provisions that will see an increase in the take-home component of an individual’s salary.

Income tax exemption has been hiked by 15,000 rupees for senior citizens and 10,000 rupees for the other categories.

Some of the other proposals include elimination of 10 percent surcharge on IT and scrapping of fringe benefits tax (FBT).

Has the budget met your expectations?


yes am happy with the fact that I would get more salary now!

Posted by Ajit | Report as abusive

1. i felt wondered for following:
during 2008-09 there was stimulas package and farmers loan waving which resulted into fiscal dificit. how come same has become base for 2009-10?

i feel finance minister lost the numbers somewhere.

2. budget looked like a statement prepared by a clerk. it has filled the blank columns in statement. there is no roadmap on any policy issues.


Many budgets made till date.
But common man’s / life of middle class people is remain same.
Prices are keep on increasing on daily basis.
All ministers are getting good salary and perks, why they will think about the rest of the people.
There is lot tell but I will stop here.

Posted by Nagappa | Report as abusive

Interest of salaried class could have been looked after in a better way. Tax exemption limit should have been raised by at least 50000. No raise in ceiling on interest paid on home loan (much hyped proposal)!

Posted by manoharan | Report as abusive

Inclusive growth would be the underpinning for future growth. If the 800 million or so under $1 a day are uplifted – the aim of the current budget – these 800 million will drive the growth further. I think this budget is very sensible and the logic of the FM and the PM of this governtment is pretty obvious to see. There’s no beating about the bush – put the money and the opportunity into where the need is.

Thanks, Ajay

Posted by Ajay | Report as abusive

I Think some budget should also be decided for general caste people so that they also get benifit

Posted by Darshana Gite | Report as abusive

Budget was totally based on social development which is the most requirement for the country. But still the focus can be made more on control of CPI along with WPI.

Posted by Sandip | Report as abusive

i feel this budget is made looking at the 1983 agenda . The world is looking India as superpower but i feel we still have to get more power in the budget which will take care of all secotors .

Posted by praveen desai | Report as abusive

No support for middle class… no support for fertilizer cos… no support for unemployed… in fact who needs roads when drinking water and water for the farms is scarce.. infrastructure spending should have special sections for water and power which will boost the agriculture and in turn the GDP and lower prices for middle class.. it is all related… FM and PM have disappointed me thoroughly…

Posted by Phani | Report as abusive

The budget is good from people’s point of view. But where are the funds coming from?

As a retired Defence Officer I was shocked that Govt has dealt irrationally with the officers who fought three wars after independence. Pension of some of the old veterns can not even by Daal and Roti for the family. How long nation wants them to carry on working to supplement pension. I am still working on ajob 72 hrs ( 48+ journey time) a week at the age of 71.

Will any one please look into this and correct the anomly in crppled One Rank One Pay announced and make it stand on both legs.

You may publish my mail.

Posted by Iqbal Singh | Report as abusive

I think government try to re-circulate all the things and plan to achieve GDP for FY-09-10. It’s hard to say that budget is good but not as worst. Budget set with 45 day agenda’s for almost all the sectors, need to co-operate with government in recession time. It’s really hard to settle/happy all the people. Dont’ forget India is the 2 fastest growing economy after China in slowdown.

Posted by Parth | Report as abusive

very disappointing.no balancing act. no vision for price control.salaried class are the worst suffers at the hands of politicians ,who are at the mercy of policy makers,who rule India behind the curtains. JAI HO

Posted by ganeshvenkatachalam | Report as abusive

limit of section 80 c should be increased to 2 lakhs. one lakh is not sufficient.
tax exemption limit also should be raised to 2 lakhs.

Posted by Dr AK Saxena | Report as abusive

no not at all the budget is out from expectation nothing is there for comman man and also not for buissnis and compney’s i cant understand why government happy from finance minester only the good news for us is that mr nandan nilkanie become a cabinet minister for comman man it shows that govt look forward for revolution

Posted by vikalp tyagi | Report as abusive

Why should so much benefit be given to those earning above rupees 10 lakh? A surcharge waiver helps those ppl save more than 20,000 rupees per annum, but for people earning below 10 lakh the maximum benefit from budget announcements is around 1100 rupees?

The governemnt should think more about the middle class who earns less than 10 lakh rupees. They are the ones who need a higher take home salary!!

Mr Pranab… please listen!

Posted by Arindam | Report as abusive

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