Will sex before matches help the Indian cricket team?

September 24, 2009

(UPDATE: Kirsten on Friday denied having any role in  drafting the document and said he was deeply hurt by the quotes being attributed to him)

Coach Gary Kirsten is encouraging the Indian cricket team to have sex to boost their performance in the ongoing Champions Trophy tournament in South Africa, a newspaper reported.

Gary Kirsten(R) with Mahendra Singh DhoniKirsten put down his thoughts on dietary habits, exercise and the benefits of sex in a document handed over to team members, Hindustan Times said this week.

This is not the first time cricket coaches have resorted to unusual methods to help their teams on the field.

During the 2001 Ashes tour, then Australia coach John Buchanan drew on the teachings of Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu — even sliding copies of ‘The Art of War‘ treatise under the doors of cricketers’ hotel rooms.

Former Indian coach Greg Chappell adapted Edward de Bono’s ‘six thinking hats‘ method to prepare his team for important games.

Sexologists approve of Kirsten’s advice, although several athletes and footballers over the years have been asked to abstain from sex before competitive events.

In a country where sex education is still taboo, will Kirsten’s “have sex” document raise moral hackles. More importantly, will it help Team India win matches?


Not so sure if this is a good idea. The cricket team has enough distractions as it is.


Shane Warne was right ! Cheers to cheerleaders !


it is not good idea because already our team is facing so many issues. the idea is given by a foreign coach. in india peoples are idealizing their cricketers and they will not like this activity.

Posted by nafees | Report as abusive

the married cricketers can sex before cricket but what about unmarried players?

Posted by masum choudhary | Report as abusive

A good session of sex with your loved ones in full privacy (be it, your wife or girlfriend) can be very “uplifting” (pun intended) & satisfying for an individual. So there’s nothing wrong for sportspersons (even Indian cricketers) to indulge in a “quickie” before a game. I find it amusing, that people find this bit of news so controversial ?!?!!

Posted by John Daniel D'Souza | Report as abusive

I do not understand what Kirsten is mentioning to the Indian national cricket team, because having sex or masturbating before a cricket match, football match or any sport, which involves physical activity may reduce the mental tension of a player and therefore the team overall. But, it hinders one’s physical stamina, which comes into play when the physical demands are required most on the field. Nevertheless, if a player’s physical conditioning or fitness is very good, it may not matter that much, but yet it is great to have that extra stamina when required or needed most.
In fact the Italian national soccer team was required to abstain from any sexual activity during the training camp leading to the world cup and during the matches in the world cup, and was requested to eat food that had complex carbohydrates for greater sustenance. In fairness soccer requires more energy than cricket, but limited over cricket does require a fair deal of energy and stamina. Therefore girlfriends, fiancés and wives of the Indian national cricket team must play their role in making sure their men are ready for matches by performing their function and duty, as suggested by Mr. Kirsten.
I wish all of them the very best in their adventures and endeavors.
In conclusion the performances of the Indian national cricket team will be carefully monitored in the next few weeks by keen cricket enthusiasts, such as me to see whether the request or suggestion of Kirsten really works productively or otherwise.
Yours Faithfully,
Muralidaran Somasunderam.

Posted by Muralidaran Somasunderam | Report as abusive

experiment never fails we learn some thing or other from it as long as we keep trying .


Masum, thats a very good point.
What do you think the virgins in the team should do?Is losing their virginity worth winning a mere match? Have we become so materialistic? Does the instruction cover homosexual sex as well? How about self-abuse? Bet Kirsten had no idea he had opened a can of worms or is that a packet of prophylactics?

Posted by think again | Report as abusive

Storm in a teacup, typical of Indian cricket. Hard to imagine Sachin, Rahul, Anil or Sunil sir thinking about this before matches (Can never be sure abt Dada). Yuvraj, MSD etc are a newer crop and they might desire the whole star experience instead of the more balanced path shown by the truly greats, but even they can’t be that naive. The concentration required is more important than any physical benefits in my opinion. If you are thinking of the beautiful body you had last night when facing the likes of Mendis or Steyn then forget it…

Posted by saurabh | Report as abusive

In a country where the SEX word is a NO NO, promoting having sex before is not going to help the indian cricket team. isn’t it a must that indian guys are suppose to be virgins before marriage, what happen to that concept? out the door the sure. and i do believe that some indian in the team are single.

Posted by Ashni Ram | Report as abusive

Will they perform well there ?


Hahahahaha … Let dem enjoy !! :)
All that matters to us is winning India :)

Posted by Ishan | Report as abusive

I am sure he is not aware of how much they already hv…..

Posted by neil | Report as abusive

Why make such a fuss over this? Truly, the media does not have anything better to do. We do have a population of over a billion remember! It didn’t happen JUST LIKE THAT! Surely our cricketing greats won’t be distracted on the field by what’s happening in their bedroom! I hope not….As long as the players perform on the field, who cares whether they stuck to Kirsten’s document or not…? And if they did, good for them I say!

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Please let indian be indian…dont spoil indian culture, as this may pollute many minds in other fields too.
once this will be accepted then in every other field or competition people will get influenced of such things.

Posted by shono | Report as abusive

What makes you think these guys arnt DOING IT already. With the kinda money they have am sure thay dont just do it once.

Posted by Sridhar | Report as abusive

What’s this country coming to? Someone please call Pramod Muthalik. He will take care of Kirsten.


Of course its a great idea! All this talk of Indian culture and sex being a taboo is nonsense. How are kids born in India — via heavy petting?
Also, Gary’s been sensible enough not to mention whether its strictly with wives. So what if there are unmarried players? Sex is for all, our great Indian culture of Kama Sutra said that.
And i don’t think cricket fans have a right to presume they have a say in the matter of a cricketer’s sex life. That’s the worst form of invasion of privacy.
Though Gary’s idea may not go down well with the upholders of Indian culture, its a relief that someone understands what it is like to be away from family for months at a stretch while on tour. And people underestimate the level to which the lack of sex can keep someone preoccupied and make them listless.
Sex can be a great ego and confidence boost, not to mention a good workout. Way to go Gary!

Posted by Lakshmi Govindrajan | Report as abusive

Whether they perform well with their mate??

Posted by AJAY | Report as abusive

Thats really a very good idea.
Only those who have sex frequently can understand it.

Posted by AJAY | Report as abusive

I agree with Ishan, let dem enjoy wid sex, we just want trophies…. and if the indian team is taking Gary’s advice, I would like to advice them to use condoms, coz we don’t want them to be affected by AIDS and we also don’t want to be the country with most number of AIDS patients…..

Posted by Jasmeet | Report as abusive

@masum chaudhary. Very good question. Unmarried players must not sex. It is against our cultural values, our nature and the god. but sometimes if they wish, they can sex themselves. but not too often because the unisex can be distracting. also they must not sex each other. this will cause confusion and emotions in the team.

Posted by chandrabu khalnayak rastogi | Report as abusive

It is a well known fact that athletes and boxers abstain from sex a day before an important match. This is to increase the testosterone level, preserve energy and to increase competitive spirit. Sex makes you tired and saps your energy, especially for men. So having sex before a match is a very bad idea. It will make the players drowsy and tired and they will lose matches.

So this is a very bad advise, whoever gave it to the India team. I can only imagine one motive behind this, and the motive is not to win matches.

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I believe what Kirsten thinks and advocates are based on an attitude of adrenaline and motivation, which is based on aggression. He does not think of stamina or morality. In fact India’s performance against Pakistan was so lackluster that I believe that he might or could have advocated the Indian players to have some type of sexual outlet before the game and this approach will harm the team in relation to their performances in my view.
I do not know whether Gary follows Aussie Rules football where fitness, energy and strength are required, and coaches who coach in the AFL do not promote or advocate sex as a concept, theory or approach before a big match. On the contrary they advocate and promote match preparation, which has a great deal to do with diet, correct exercise (not sex) and relaxation for example yoga being one of them. Therefore, if Gary Kirsten advocates sex as a key component for the success of the Indian cricket team, I will like the other international teams playing in the current Champions Trophy to follow suit.
I also advocate all women, who like to have a great time sexually with men physically, married or otherwise in the Indian team to line up outside their dressing room and wait for the opportunity.
Yours Faithfully,
Muralidaran Somasunderam.

Posted by Muralidaran Ramesh Somassunderam | Report as abusive

Indian team should not confine its thinking.Sex & playing better cricket both are different to each other.Doing sex is not responsible for the best performance of one.Coach is treating well to the team but his statement to encourage team members to do sex for better performance is completely an absurd………


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