Should India agree to reduce carbon emissions?

By Reuters Staff
October 20, 2009

The Indian government has reiterated its refusal to reduce carbon emissions under any new global deal to fight climate change.

Carbon emissionsThe Times of India reported this week that Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh wrote to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh urging him to accept curbs on India’s rising carbon emissions without insisting they should hinge on new finance and technology from rich nations.

While such a possibility was seen by Western negotiators as potentially helping in getting agreement on a global deal in Copenhagen in December, Ramesh was accused in the Indian media and by opposition political parties of hurting the interests of India.

But Ramesh said on Tuesday India was not going to accept internationally legally binding emission reduction targets, though it was prepared to discuss and make public periodically the status of its domestic climate action.

Should India agree to reduce carbon emissions under a global deal to fight climate change? Or should it ask rich nations to fulfil their commitment to give developing countries finance and technology to fight climate change?


Do we see a pattern emerging? This PMO is indulging in a lot of kite flying. A minister’s note to the PM is leaked to the press… the media is all over it… the Congress party distances itself… the minister is forced to issue a clarification.

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I don’t think India should succumnb to the pressures of America. They should do something themselves and only then turn to other nations. They cannot act as dictators.

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India should not accept the Internationally binding agreeent of reducing its carbon emissions because:1. This would shift the focus of the international community on giving carbon reduction targets to developing countries without forcing the developed countries to fulfill their commitments.2. India is at a stage of development where the production is bound to increase and the increase in such economic activity will increase carbon emissions. At the same time, if India gets technological support from the developed countries, it would be mutually beneficial and also, help in conserving the envirnoment.3. Currently even without the binding targets on India, there are a lot of CDM Projects lined up and continuous efforts are being put in by various organizations including corporates, to reduce the carbon emissions.Therefore, India is contributing its share for emission reduction even without any direct international pressure.

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India should stand by their own.We have money and technology both , the reason is that you have to find outand should stop playing blame game.So stop talking and should start woring on that.

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Most of the westeren countries are responsible largly for emmission and they should take the responsibility and must act now. The develpoing or under developmed countries due to thier economic constraints can be forced to the laws of the Western World.

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As an I American of Indian origin I feel that India is on the threshold of becoming one of the strongest nation in the Southeast Asia.Given this fact,1.I agree that India should take its own initiative to reduce carbon foot print.This will make others in the region to follow suit.2. By encouraging manufacture of alternative energy products such as solar PV, solar thermal and wind energy products,it not only can provide much needed jobs but by incorporating these type of features, there will be abundant amount of cheap energy available. There will be no more brown outs and the country will not have to rely upon other countries to provide us the much needed energy for the tremendous growth that India is experiencing right now.3.India has the knowledge and man power to produce these type of finished goods. It can be exported to other countries and can earn much needed foreign exchange for its own growth.4.Jairam Ramesh can rest in peace.By cooperating with other countries he may be able to learn a few new ways to produce even cheaper energy by the abundantly available wave energy all around India. This has been successfully developed in countries like UK ( lution2009/advertorial-waves-of-investme nt).

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Meanwhile let there be more emissions as our collective gift to the next gen

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Why are saying us to reduce emmision.more than 30% of the emmision is caused by America itself.India contribute far less than that,might be only 1/10 of the the pollution created by americans.

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Yes, India should use it’s energy resources on the critical state rather behaving as aloof, of being on the edges, India is fast, growing nation world wide so should take responsibilitiesbut on an agreement where India prepares it’s contributions & limiting boundaries on it’s own potential..Funds raising-sanctions on such project is n’t all,the govt need to check,increse no of candidature at project undertaking research organisations.where roughly maximum 2/3 JRF’s/SRF’s(junior/senior research fellow) for temporary basis(duration-2-4 yrs)

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The real issue is how do you get the big polluters to pay. This is an epochal opportunity for Obama to begin to earn his Nobel.The fact that India is an insignificant contributor to the problem should not deter it from getting on the Green bandwagon. It is on solid ground if it expects to be supported by state of the art green technologies provided at cost plus.Unfortunately, the Indian ruling establishment shares a characteristic of the subcontinent. It puts itself beyond the pale of reason and needs to be “incentivised” to act in its own interest.For instance, Rashtrapati Bhavan and the Prime Minister’s Office are by now fully aware of the two decade long atrocity of deprivation that has been perpetrated on a productive but non conforming fellow citizen.They are aware of the cascading misbehaviour of various constitutional authorities.Yet like the tainted Judge Dinakaran, they are using “silence as a weapon” to hold him and justice hostage.


CO2 does not cause climate warming; so the whole thing is stupid to begin with.

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I think per capita carbon emissions or per capita carbon footprint should be a fair base for countries to reduce their emissions. The biggest culprit in the world- US

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Many people are helping to fighting against globle warming but the whole problem is USA

from 1900 to 2005
usa carbon dioxide emissions is nearly 318,432.1

china 92,949.9

india 25,895.4

Units: Million metric tons of carbon dioxide
the major damage is done by usa
details taken from…. atmosphere/variable-779.html

The question rises who is responsible for the globle warming and why usa is not taking any responsibility?

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