Does Kasab deserve the death penalty?

By Reuters Staff
February 20, 2010

Special Prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam holds up a document with a cover of Mohammad Ajmal Kasab at Arthur Road Jail, where Kasab's trial was held, in Mumbai May 6, 2010. REUTERS/Arko Datta/FilesThe Bombay High Court on Monday upheld  the death sentence of Mohammad Ajmal Kasab over the 2008 Mumbai attacks that killed 166 people.

Kasab, the only gunman captured alive after the attacks, had been sentenced to death by a special court last year after being found guilty on more than 80 charges, including murder and waging war on India.

We ask our readers the same question we had asked then — does Kasab deserve the death penalty? At the time, most readers wanted him hanged but some said he should be imprisoned for life. Do you still feel the same way? Share your views.

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The phrase “Should” is ridiculous in the post…Its like ..Do we need to eat to survive?…cmon…he should be hanged and made an example of.
Perhaps,should be tied to a pole and executed by a shooting squad…it’s the least he deserves unless ruthless and mundane Indian politics interferes.

Posted by Abhijnan | Report as abusive

Yes… he should be punished with death penalty as he was instrumental in the death of so many innocent people.

It will also teach a lesson to Pakistan, who encourage such criminals.

Never ever terrorism is an answer for the ills faced by the country, that they should realise.

Posted by N RAJENDRA KUMAR | Report as abusive

his punishment should be as brutal as possible. some NON-CONVENTIONA method should be used………

the judge’s penalty for Kasab will show how much he loves his motherland…..

Posted by shikhar gupta | Report as abusive

Yes, agreed.He must be sentenced to death and this should be the example and warning signal for terrorists as well as Naxals who are trying to disturb peace in India.

Posted by Shankar | Report as abusive

he must be hanged till death becoz being a guilty he deserves death and government should not wase money on himmm , try to invest that money in good deeds , guilty is guilty doesnot matter a indian or pakistani

Posted by saurabh bhatt | Report as abusive

pap se nafrat karo papio se nahi

Posted by sauurabh bhatt | Report as abusive

He should be publicly executed , by hanging or by a shooting squad . the execution must be allowed to be covered by LIVE International TV .
India must no longer pussyfoot these issues and send a strong signal to terrorists that we shall not negotiate and shall be ruthless in tracking down criminals, waging war on the nation and executing them .

Posted by JM | Report as abusive

He must be sentenced to death penalty. He has affected the minds of people. This factor of mind should be cleaned by giving him death penalty.

Posted by Kunal | Report as abusive

If death is the punishment, let he be hanged till death. But any Kasab alone cannot wage war against a country of 1 Billion. Let the government go deep and tightened its noose against real culprites.. who coudld be within the country as well.

Let truth prevail.

Posted by Arpita Sarkar | Report as abusive

If the original end game for the attackers was martyrdom by their own deaths, an execution would only serve to provide a means to reaching that intended goal. Therefore, a lifetime of incarceration would more appropriately fit the definition for “punishment”.

Posted by Dan Ogden | Report as abusive

indian govt and public have enough evidence that Kasab has shooted many indian citizens, even after that still they are dragging the case for several years and waste time further in preparing voluminous reports. and at last they will say, we will not give him hanging punishment rather will be kept in jail till his death and will provide him food, clothing, shelter.
Useless govt., how many indian citizens are suffering in extreme climates and cant help them out in providing them the basic aminieties. thinking a lot for a CRIMINAL.
Will not do anything properly for indian citizens. but will do all favor for the Criminals who affected the society. very good govt., law and policies of the govt.

Let some Z+ category official take him to their home and provide all that he wants, rather dragging the case and playing hide and seek.

Posted by Nag | Report as abusive

I am absolutely outraged with the very fact, we are still contemplating Kasab to be a given a death sentence. I am a peace loving person and what i cant absolutely overcome his past doings, he is a mass murderer, he cant be be forgiven. If we (India) need to be taken seriously we need to lead by example and Kasab absolutely needs to be given the death penalty. Sorry if i sound to crude to demanding the penalty, but this is not something i cant forgive not forget.

Posted by Deepak | Report as abusive

Kasab has killed hundreds of Indians and our foreign guests. No doubt he is going to get death sentence but it is my personal suggestion that government must use some modern techniques so that his brain should be washed and after that his services should be used to kill hundreds of militants (or at least equal to the number of people killed by him ) who are getting their training or have got training across the border to target Indian and its citizens.

Posted by Happy Singh | Report as abusive

I don’t think death panelty is a good idea for Qasab. He should be kept in an Indian zoo for the rest of his life and all the proceeds should go to the families of the victims of his attacks. I am sure he will attract more visitors than any other animal in any Indian zoo. He deserve to suffer and repent for the rest of his life.

Posted by Gahez Pashtun | Report as abusive

i think we must proceed as fast as we can rather wasting time

Posted by arun | Report as abusive

IN MY OPINION HE SHOULD NOT BE KILLED. Terrorists become terrorists only after they reach a mental state to do anything and ready to die. They are taught that they get heaven when they kill non-muslims and rubbish things as such.

By not killing him, we can give all terrorists a message that they won’t be allowed to reach heaven (‘as they think’) so fast. If we take an opinion poll amongst the terrorists, 100% will say they prefer to die rather than kept in jail.

In my opinion, he should be kept in prison and should be allowed below satisfactory level facilities. How long he is kept in prison is to be decided – but surely more than the length defined in ‘life imprisonment’.

The most important thing is that we have to keep our security always tight, not just when there is a terror alert. Because terrorists now have the capability to abduct most prominent figures to make us release their guys from jail.

Posted by Vinod Koshy | Report as abusive

No mercy on him,… He must be given a death sentence,…there shouldn’t be second thought on this.
But my question is, does govt has guts to give a death sentence?
If death sentence not given then following are the results:
1) Waste money on his food, sheltering, medication etc.
2) All other militants will take law for granted and they will be encouraged to carry out more serious attacks.
3) In future, his members are going to hijack a plane or bus and he will be freed.

Let’s warn all the militants that this is how we are going to treat you.
I demand Kasab’s death penalty.

Posted by Limbu | Report as abusive

The life of a terrorist is not equivalent to the lives of 86 innocent persons that had been killed by him. If at least an iota of justice is to be done, not less than 860 terrorists need to be killed with exemplary brutality.

Posted by SSS | Report as abusive

Nope…. should not be hanged. Should be made the Brand Ambassador of “Aman ki Shanti” campaign and given an office in the South Block.

For the people apparently livid with rage over this debate…. you folks have forgotten that we live in a Democracy. The same one that elects goondas and murderers. So why should we not have Kasab in the Parliament along with the rest of our collective filth.

I think everyone has forgotten about Afzal Guru. You chaps just don’t get it .. do you! Till the time you don’t kill a few politicians, no crime is heinous enough.

Since we won’t get to see Rang De Basanti, let me join the bandwagon of our spineless leaders of the nation (past and present).

Hail Kasab, ISI, Pervez Musharraf and the Taliban. Jai Terrorism! Jai Pakistan!

Posted by Kartikeya Singh | Report as abusive

Kasab should not be hung.
as Vinod mentioned above, terrorists will be more than happy to die due to their madness.
A non-conventional punishment should be given to these terrorists.
Amputate their both arms and legs and leave them alive. Let them crawl through out their life.
This will avenge the sufferings of victims of bomb attacks and also create fear in the mind of terrorists.

Posted by Saravanan | Report as abusive

If hanging is the answer to all wrongs done by Kasab, then hang all our politicians and home grown terrorists like Naxals,RSS etc as they too are responsible for disturbing peace.

Posted by Karthik | Report as abusive

Does taking one life pay back 166 lives. Does sentenced Kasab solve terrorism?. Kasab should pay the price for what he did and should be sentence to hard labour for life. He should be remain and use for ivestigation to the root of terrorism. If he is use for information, his terrorism gang will go after his life and not us the good people.

Posted by Tang Chee Wah | Report as abusive

That is the least that he deserves..!

Posted by Masood | Report as abusive

It’s a waste of time to discuss Kasab’s hanging. He will go in appeal and his mercy petition will end up before the President. As per procedure, the President will pass it on to the Home Ministry, which will pass it on to the State government concerned (Maharashtra, in this case). It is only when the Chief Minister and the Home Minister of Maharashtra give the go-ahead that the hanging will go through.

Remember, Afzal Guru’s mercy petition is pending before Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dixit for nearly four years. Similarly Kasab’s mercy petition will remain on the table of the Maharashtra Chief Minister two or three years down the line.

At that time, the Assembly elections of 2014 will be round the corner and the Congree-NCP government will dither about Kasab’s hanging for fear of losing the Muslim vote.

Therefore, there is no point in wasting our breath over the hanging of Kasab. He will live — till vote bank politics lives in India. Jai Hind!

Posted by Anmol Purohit | Report as abusive

yes he should have been given this punishment earlier its a delay

Posted by fifthengineer | Report as abusive

A documentary should be made on KASAB, and approved by UNESCO and should be circulated as in the curriculum in every school in each Nation.
It is to show what a two eyed, two armed and two legged creature with 206 bones and a HEART should never do.

Posted by Roma k. suddhir | Report as abusive

Instead of hanging Kasab it would be wise to award him “Rigorous Life Imprisonment”.For the henious crime he has done he should be made to suffer for long time till his last breath and he is now “fortunate” to get “less painful” and “sudden” death by hanging.He had come to India as Jihadi, fully determined to die. So he will be pleased to die now.Better not to let him die but should be tortured and made to live in hell so that he will repent for the merciless killings of his victims and say to himself “O Allah it is better to die than to lead such a miserable life”

Posted by Arul Damodaran | Report as abusive

The death penalty awarded to Kasab is a foregone conclusion. It should have been done a long time ago. But the more important question is what about the people who send people like Kasab to kill innocent people, Unless those people who are the masterminds & actually responsible for such acts are brought to justice we will continue to have incidents like this.

The root of all this evil is the Pakistani establishment who are basically cowards to the hilt. They know that they can never win a conventional war with India , have resorted to such tactics. It is they who are the power behind Lakhwi & other like him who send people like Kasab to kill others.

The world community has to understand that unless the backbone of the Pakistani military establishment is not broken they will never allow peace in the world. It is unfortunate that western powers do not openly admit this fact & go on supplying weapons of destruction to the Pakistani establishment.

USA has borne the brunt of Pakistani double game in Afghanistan but still thy don’t acknowledge this fact. The actual root of terrorism is Pakistan.

Posted by Raj1969 | Report as abusive

Yes he deserves death .. a sick coward ….

Posted by getonwithdk1 | Report as abusive

Kasab deserves death the most brutal death that is imaginable but more importantly he deserves humiliation … along with the masterminds behind the Mumbai massacre… Pakistani authorities deserve humiliation…
Also, what springs into mind with such debates is the sheer diabolical stand of these human rights agencies which are springing up in India, are they retarded or are they sponsored by the ISI as well?

Posted by BudhaB | Report as abusive

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