Has Ruchika got justice?

By Reuters Staff
May 25, 2010

File photo of a lawyer with a book of criminal lawRuchika Girhotra, a 14-year-old tennis player, was molested by then Haryana police IG S.P.S. Rathore in Panchkula in 1990.

Three years later, Ruchika killed herself, which her friend and case witness Aradhana attributes to the harassment of Ruchika and her family by those in power.

On Tuesday, a court in Chandigarh ruled against Rathore on his plea challenging the six-month sentence handed to him by a CBI court and enhanced the sentence to 18 months.

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Justice delayed, but thankfully not denied.

I welcome the judgment but can’t help being wary about crusades fought in media. Rathore was crucified long before his case came up in court. In high profile cases in the West the jury is cloistered and denied access to media that might colour their judgment. Have we taken any such measures here?

This case will send a strong message to those who have the might of the Indian state on their side and use it to subvert justice.

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I think it is enough, as Mr. SPS Rathore humiliated to the extent. Only thing here to be noted is that people misuse their positions.

We wish Ruchika’s family a peaceful life.


What does this judgement mean to common man?

Truth as always triumphs.. Law is for everyone..People’s faith in judiciary is restored..But Justice delayed is justice failed..

What does it mean to SPS Rathore?

Nothin..He is going to spend his retired life in air conditioned lobbies in prison with all facilities, given the fact that he has able to delay the verdict these many years..

What went wrong?

He was spared in the prime of his live’s years. He was left to control the state’s judiciary for too long..
Rathore should have been punished the moment truth was known..Molesting a girl, harassing a family when you are the custodian of law is a heinous crime and he desrves more punishment..Rathore, given an imprisonment when he is 65 years old is of no use…

People’s Expectations

In future, we the people expect no mercy, more stricter punishments and fast track judgements.

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Here is a man who was supposed to protect people, and instead he molested a child and then used all his power and machinery to harrass the helpless child and her family eventually leading the young girl to take her own life. The 1.5 years punishment is too less and that too he may manage spend out of jail on medical reasons etc.
And I dont agree with the trial by Media comments earlier in this blog, in a country like ours, only because of Media cases like Ruchika and Jessica have been given justice, all power to Media for such cases !!!!

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Can we say this as justice. A person who focred an young girl to commit suiside, then spoiled the life of her brother by branding him a thief, not once but 14 different cases, all misusing his fiduciary capcity that is given himn to protect the rights of the citizens of this country. Just one and a half years behind bars.. It can not be said justice.

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