How to tackle the Maoists?

By Reuters Staff
May 30, 2010

A rescue worker stands next to a body of a passenger at the site of the train accident at Jhargram area in West Bengal May 28, 2010. REUTERS/Parth SanyalPolice are searching for Maoist rebels believed responsible for the May 28 crash involving the Gyaneshwari Express in which scores of passengers were killed.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has described the Maoist insurgency as India’s biggest internal security challenge.

What should be the government’s strategy to tackle the Maoists?

SLIDESHOW: India’s Maoist threat


The government should take action by the help of our security forces like Army, Navy, CRPF etc. and take action similar to the US forces took on Iraq.
We have to uproot this maoists schemes as soon as possible. The only option to take massive action. How long we have lost our lives in such a way.

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Indian Government should first concentrate on the developmental activities on the maoists affected area.

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Maoist : why they are there? this is the question that should come first to everybody mind. Had the government listen to their woes and cries carefully and had acted seriously to resolve them? and if the answer to above question is yes, then i think what Surjit was talking should be taken.

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The government should understand that they will never win this war by force.The Maoist regions in the country remain undeveloped.Only thing Govt. is interested is in the mineral wealth in these regions.Most of our politicians are very educated with degrees from foreign universities.But are they really good leaders.Also govt should take enough steps to prevent future bloodshed,by training the CRPF(also teaching them some manners).Modern technology should be used to tackle Maoist’s.Maoist usually steal weapons after an attack.GPS units can be built into these to track them

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