A new symbol for the rupee?

By Reuters Staff
June 23, 2010

The Indian rupee will soon get its own unique symbol, joining the dollar, pound sterling, euro and the yen as international currencies with an identity that is instantly recognizable worldwide.

Five designs had been shortlisted by the government following an all-India contest and media reports suggest the Cabinet will choose the winning entry (from the following five) this week.

New rupee symbol?Which is your favourite design for the rupee symbol? Does the use of such a symbol reflect India’s growing importance in the global economy? Share your views.


what rubbish!!! I hope none of these get selected.

Posted by khushrav | Report as abusive

I think the Option 1 is the nicest and the simplest. A good symbol should be easy to write by hand among other things.

Posted by Boloo | Report as abusive

I would go for NO 4.

Posted by pradeepsaran | Report as abusive

I love the second one; looks very artistic.

Posted by jammy10 | Report as abusive

3 is the most appropiate symbol as it would not dilute the rupee already used for Rs. and the + sigh can be used as an indication of the strength and unity

Posted by nidsssss | Report as abusive

The 5th one is better than other symbols

Posted by Ranju7 | Report as abusive

I like the fourth option the most. It is like the devanagiri script ‘R’ and also has two lines across denoting currency. The fifth option seems a bit too ambitious. The first and second aren’t great and the third one is over done.

Posted by Kantshah | Report as abusive

this is a ver good move .

Posted by RSKULKARNI | Report as abusive

though 3 seems classic but 1 is easy to write and express

Posted by AnandBhandari | Report as abusive

“2″ looks great…will go with that

Posted by MakP | Report as abusive

this is a good thing for India’s image !

Posted by RSKULKARNI | Report as abusive

Fourth one is better of all. It will make rupee become strong and fly high. All other symbols restrict the movement.

Posted by FinAna | Report as abusive

I vote for the fourth sign. It’s simple enuf to be able to write by hand and has the devanagri style.

Posted by Anuja | Report as abusive

I would go with number 3.. my only concern is how will I type this on keyboard? ;)

Posted by AdityaK | Report as abusive

#4. Valid point by Aditya.

Posted by Alokbhatnagar | Report as abusive

i think i would vote for the fourth one, the others are too complicated to be followed as a mass symbol for rupee,we ought to imagine it accepted consciously by all and can be drawn even in a piece of paper by a 8 year child, besides the fourth on is simple yet artistic..

Posted by rajeswari | Report as abusive

4 is compartively good as it is easy to write.. honestly all are rubbish.

Posted by svbsuresh | Report as abusive

fourth one!

Posted by rajeswari | Report as abusive

all these r waste symbols, symbol should be simple, very easy to draw(eventually “write”), remember & easy to implement in any media.

artistic curves are not for generic symbols.

u can not expect everyone to accept “currency symbol”, “traffic symbol” or any other kind of general symbols in artistic way – take examples of packaging symbols, medical signs & other common signs you see in routine..

those are not artistic.

Symbol 1, 2 are like brush strokes and bit artistic.

3rd is complex, has many strokes.

4th & 5th concept looks simple but needs little more touchup in sense of VISUAL IMPACT.

selectors should believe in “Simplicity” & “Soberness”

Posted by Vijayraj | Report as abusive

2 or 4

Posted by lochanrajeev | Report as abusive

#5 is the Japanese symbol for ‘child’ with one extra line on the bottom. It would be a bad choice.

Posted by nooyawka | Report as abusive

Pick up Paper and Pencil and try to draw all 5 symbols, see which one is most easy to write. For me, its Option 3
I liked Option 3 also because it clearly relates to R and crosses both sides.. horizontally and vertically. Unlike any other currency in the world, like Yen, Dollar, Euro which has only 1 cross, putting 2 crosses, put India a edge ahead.. Shows we are preparing for future Cheers..

Posted by Harshiz | Report as abusive

4th is better for futuristic growth. But a small upward curve is required in the down. Cheers…So that no one can stop our upside movement. If it is selected it is brilliant step towards Our Economy.

O’K. I do not know when Indian Govt desided to take this decition. It is Policy Matters. It shoudbe known to all public.

I just came to know when I browsed for someother search.

Posted by Goldstays | Report as abusive

I would say all these are sub-standard or very ordinary. Expected something better from Aryabhatta’s land, who invented number zero. Even a zero with two vertical or horizontal cross lines would have been better which would remind the world about Arya and India’s contribution to maths.

Posted by Shibs | Report as abusive

@nooyawka good observation. i agree.

@Harshiz Dear, do not think of ONLY Paper & Pencil (Print Media). Now a days you also need to think of various kind of medias.

ie. Mobile, Video, Computers etc..

eventually ppl will start embeding this symbol in to the fonts (the way we see other yan, dollar, pound etc.)

the currency symbol should be easily readable (recognizable) in small fonts as well.

think of option3 in ur mobile application or on a website where you are going to show in a small font.

i dont think opt3 is a good choice as it has 5 strocks in total. (4 on cross sign) one on half R. additionally it requires the box between the crossmark to be filled.

i feel its a complex choice. not suitable at all for onscreen.

additionally, i feel it has no powerful IMPACT.

Posted by Vijayraj | Report as abusive

4 one because it is depicting ‘ra’ a hindi vowel.it will justify india .none other will lets foreigners to think about india.

Posted by raaj | Report as abusive

The fourth is easiest to write and also has an Indian feel to it.

Posted by agm479 | Report as abusive

I like option 2. The first option is a little weird. Looks like a bulb. Fifth one looks like a hanger.

Posted by Urvashi.Sibal | Report as abusive

It’s really a great decision.I appreciate the step taken on the symbol our currency.well I’ll vote for no.4 as first preference then no.2,but as this symbol going to be an identity for our currency, I’ll suggest to make an unique symbol which will ultimately be a pride for INDIA.Hope my suggestion will be counted.Proud to be an INDIAN.Thanks!

Posted by Avirup | Report as abusive

the fifth one like dollar…I think I will prefer that!

Posted by cgbalu | Report as abusive

oh my god..india does not have only hindi– should be universal

Posted by atomking | Report as abusive

Indian Currency Symbol should be “i” rather than “R”

How and why????

INR currency Symbol – Critical analysis…

read at http://www.cafreshers.com

Posted by VikramVerma | Report as abusive

I think 4th one would be the best. Because it represents both the Hindi letter “ra” and English letter “R”. Also the symbol should be easy to use. The remainig four might cause difficulty while writing or identifying it. The two parallel lines symbolize that Indian economy and its value is growing parallely with that of the global one from my point of view.

With regards,
Trichy, Tamilnadu,

Posted by Nirupa | Report as abusive

If these are the only options then 2 and 4th is good. 4th design should be given preference.
But yes, there could be some better options.

Posted by jenniejames | Report as abusive

great news !!! , none of the above symbol as selected for today news … so this is indian government decesion !!!! Please change the old people from the government office and put them into youngsters!!! By youth club!!

Posted by verizon | Report as abusive

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