Do you like the new rupee symbol?

By Reuters Staff
July 15, 2010

The new symbol of the Indian rupee is seen in this handout photo after it was approved by India's cabinet July 15, 2010. REUTERS/Press Information Bureau of India/HandoutThe rupee has achieved parity with major currencies such as the dollar, euro, pound sterling and yen in one respect: it now has its own symbol.

India’s cabinet has approved the adoption of the new symbol after holding a competition that drew more than 3,000 entries, which were evaluated by a deputy governor of the Reserve Bank of India as well as artists and designers.

The new symbol, an amalgam of the Devanagari script of the Hindi language and the Roman letter “R”, “reflects and captures the Indian ethos and culture”, the cabinet said in a statement.

The winning design, pulled from a shortlist of five, came from a post-graduate student who won $5,000.

Share your views on the new rupee design.


Nice to have a symbol specifically for Indian Rupee.

But personally I will find it more convenient to use INR!!!

Posted by ParijatMisra | Report as abusive

It is great to hear that Indian Rupee has joined the elite club of currencies which symbolises themselves. This has shown that India is heading to be another super power in a short period of time. This will also globalise our economy!!

Posted by sairam123 | Report as abusive

It does not look good as the symbol does not have any symmetry.

Posted by Raju.Cherian | Report as abusive

This symbol is really awsome at it takes in to consideration the Rupee in Hindi – The National Language as well as English – The International Language with the typical 2 bars as like any other currency symbol! Good work Uday!! :-)

Posted by GOUTAMSIRIGERI | Report as abusive

Having a symbol for currency is not going to make a country superpower.
The symbol looks ugly anyways..

Posted by svbsuresh | Report as abusive

It looks beautiful.

Posted by TruthSeeker | Report as abusive

not cool

Posted by parthsv | Report as abusive

not a cool looking symbol

Posted by parthsv | Report as abusive

Love it!

Posted by js.bangalore | Report as abusive

OK, its a nice design for the Rupee, desgin has the best of both worlds. If that symbol is ugly to some of you, all currency symbol should be ugly in your mind, other wise your just an idiot.

Posted by Tkdcorp | Report as abusive

The Greatest Country in the World.

will be the Greatest Economic, soon..!!!

Great Work,
now we are in the club of only elite five..!!!

Posted by wranglerprince | Report as abusive

Having a symbol does not make our country a superpower and all the talk of the country joining an elite club is a waste….

Having said that, such symbols lend a unique identity to the country, much like the overlapping rings of Olympics, or the lion of Singapore, etc …..

So, although the inclusion of the symbol changes nothing, its use will eliminate the possible confusion between the Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and even Indonesian Rupiya.

Posted by painy | Report as abusive

Well..I think it’s Stupid to think that getting symbol for our currency will make India part of the elite club. Only hard work will make India move to the top. The symbol however looks okay to me.

Posted by Chuns | Report as abusive

its just….wonderful…..congrats

Posted by arthegrt | Report as abusive

Looks more like Euro symbol

Posted by khwab | Report as abusive

Good symbol. But, it cannot be used in the present form as the two parallel lines do not form a rectangle but a parallalogram. In actual use, we may draw just a straight line which will not have an end as in the design. So, this needs to be modified before it is put to use.

Posted by Santhanam | Report as abusive

The hot favorite is Indian Rupees for my circle of friends/relatives & myself. which signifies India & the Rupee clearly.
However i am open to change;would prefer the alphabet R (Devanagri with a U matra), the current option seems a derivative of the EURO.

Posted by shashankshanker | Report as abusive

Good to have a symbol, but it does not look attractive as others. also doesn’t have a modern look.

Posted by G.S.Palayia | Report as abusive

Mr. svbsuresh

Having a currency symbol itself shows the existence of the country in the elite category. If it is not true, Why all the countries do not have their own currency symbols ? However, the symbol is not too much attractive, but will attain popularity with the lapse of time.

Posted by G.S.Palayia | Report as abusive

This is just fantastic news and congratulations to Uday.

This also shows India as a forward looking country, and above all a democratic one where wider public was invited to contribute.

Posted by dipalthakker | Report as abusive

its a fantastic symbol. really presents gr8 Indian tradition amalgamated into tech savvy world.

Posted by varadraj | Report as abusive

the symbol does not reflect indian cultural and historical ethos, which is one of the conditions of the contest. it is just a mix of roman and devanagri scripts which probably means that India is a mix of traditional and western cultures. But this is true of every nation that has come under western influence. There is nothing specific in it about India. And there is nothing to feel proud about it when almost every country has to say that. It is an insignificant part of our history considering the fact that it is universally true about all countries. There are many things to feel proud about India and none of these is represented by this symbol.
It is not a correct choice.
Moreover the contest itself was not conducted in a fair manner. There were many legitimate questions that people raised for which there was no answer from the ministry. The symbol violates rules of the contest. I hope people would file a case against the jury and cancel this selection and conduct a separate selection process once again.

Posted by ramshankar | Report as abusive

when we our country to global, we need to be in sync with the global ttrends and styles atleast in terms of economic terms, and every top 4 countries currecy like $,pounds, euro and japanese yen has taken a word from english to symbolise the currecies which will be much easier for the international community to use when we global, but our cabinet people has selected a symbol, whcih might at times difficult for their own country citizens to write, when i personally wrote that symbol i felt like drawing something never felt like writing the symbol of the currency.

then how can we think of going global when we dont change our thoughts and acts

Posted by selwyn206366 | Report as abusive

This is nice.. i like the fact that it has both roman R and Devanagari script…

Posted by AdityaK | Report as abusive

I like the fact that it has both roman R and Devanagari script…

Posted by AdityaK | Report as abusive

Great Symbol..Let’s try to keep value of currency high as well.

Amaresh Gangal

Posted by Amaresh_Gangal | Report as abusive

Percy says “I love it; it looks like my initial.”

Posted by 4mommy | Report as abusive

Looks like a broken sickle and hummer from ussr

Posted by creek55 | Report as abusive

The government apart from taking the first step of creating the symbol for the rupee, should also insulate it from the long rooted corrupt mechanisms, from inequality of incomes and the growing rural-urban divide in terms of economic growth. For the true value of the rupee to shine, its required that our country creates more opportunities for every section of society to learn and earn a substantive income, Provides adequate and affordable healthcare, Enables local businesses to compete on international markets through backing of technology, skill expertise and monetary funding.

When the internal systems improve and along with it the quality of life for each Indian improves, When the 8.5% growth rate is inclusive of all sections of the population that’s when the symbol of the currency will be looked up to nationally as well as internationally. The re-branding of the Rupee is a small step in the tide of change that’s ascending on the Indian horizon. And if we are vigilant and responsive towards our internal economic threats while the change takes place, we who were a global economic power at the turn of the eighteenth century, contributing to a quarter of the global output can regain our position on the world economic map.

Posted by Preetal | Report as abusive

Why the government is so hastily deciding on Rupee Symbol – a symbol which is of
great historical significance to our country?

The symbol adjudged best of
the lot and supposed to have been accepted by the Government is too mediocre,
…not at all appealing and too heavy in its form. Sorry to say even the symbol
designs submitted by the other four finalists too were very

A simple symbol I am presenting here as an example would rather look smart and slick in comparison to the final five – not to say or claim it to be the best, nor it was one
among the contested symbols.

In the first place the competition was not
widely and exhaustively publicized to attract best of talents from all over
India, nor it was conducted in a very highly imaginative and professional
manner. It was just rushed through the bureaucratic drill, even the jury played
it very passively. The emphasis should not have been on selecting a rigid symbol
developed by one individual, leaving no scope for modifying or improving it for
the final symbol. Rather, it should have been a multiple stage contest with
large-scale participation of talented, professionals and the learned, towards
evolving a symbol to be accepted finally. The Government should have exerted its
right to select, reject or modify (in a manner it finds fit) the symbol
recommended/selected by the Jury.

Nothing is too late for the Government
and rethinking is not impossible. Will the Government act in the best interest
of the country’s pride?

To see the alternative symbol I propose try this facebook url (or search for ‘save indian rupee symbol’ on facebook): 301&o=all&op=1&view=all&subj=13863061948 4857&aid=-1&id=100001461370207

Posted by anilkowshik | Report as abusive

i dunno why r few ppl fighting on a rupee symbol
dats wasting time of every1
its good dat we hav changed the rupee symbol….
we shud now try 2 change other things which are not in plc..
3 cheers 4 new symbol
now we shud make a change in other feilds too…
arguing will lead 2 nothing…

Posted by elu27 | Report as abusive

It’s not a fight, it’s debate under the title “The Great debate”. Everyone need not agree to wow wow the symbol just because we have not seen a better one. A debate may or may not fructify, shall we discard very word ‘debate’ from our vocabulary? Those who don’t want to waste time blogging are free to do better things.

Posted by anilkowshik | Report as abusive

According to me atleast government should show the collected design to public and there should be voting system by SMS or emails so that they can also get what the most of people suggested or like.. i think its too hurry to decide the symbol.. i am sure there are so many people around the world who can design better symbol.. othere wise it seems that we can’t do any think now. and we have to compromise with the current selected symbol. if this can be RE-DESIGN. Then go for it. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to comment on the symbol. thank you.

Posted by mrpunjabi | Report as abusive

Not a goodlooking symbol

Posted by danieviji | Report as abusive

nice symbol

Posted by akhileshamoli | Report as abusive

It looks downright Stupid. I hate it. Its far better to type Rs.500 than this new stupidity. It’s a sign of typical New Delhi confusion. Delhi-ites can’t complete a sentence without speaking half of it in Hindi and the other half in English. This symbol is just that, a mishmash between Hindi and English. This stupid new Rupee symbol epitomizes our Hinglish-ness, and everything that is sickening in our post-liberalization modern desi Indian culture nowadays, where we attempt a fusion between our desi-ness and our western-ness in every stupid thing we do, including our customs, our communication, our education and our dreams.

Posted by SuB776 | Report as abusive

This is most ugly design that do not conform to the unity and diversity of India.. India is multi lingual, multi ethnic and multi cultured country.. It is a shame and hurting to the people of country to design a common currency symbol using Devanagari script.. It is better to go back to Rs or INR.. It looks funny and farce to see this symbol with English and other language scripts.. It may look normal only to the languages which follow Devanagari scripts but not to English and other scripts.. I think this design has been selected by parliament, as the majority of parliament MP’s language script is Devanagari, just as North indian politicians likes to impose Hindi on other states unnecessarily.. What a shame to our multi linguistic environment!..

Posted by Karunanidhi | Report as abusive

Well, I like the symbol a lot more now that I have options…check out they claim to have the largest selection of rupee typeface options anywhere online. I believe it.

Posted by Daarun | Report as abusive

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