Should “Bigg Boss” be moved to a late-night slot?

November 17, 2010

Pamela Anderson on 'Bigg Boss'. REUTERS/Handout/BiggBossIndia’s Information and Broadcasting Ministry has directed television channels to move two controversial reality shows to the late-night slot, saying the programmes were not suitable for universal viewing.

Media reports say that “Bigg Boss”, which airs on Colors and “Rakhi Ka Insaaf”, telecast on Imagine, can now be aired only after 11 p.m.

The decision is bound to hit broadcasters hard, especially since both shows have been garnering high ratings in the prime-time slot.

Colors recently brought in former “Baywatch” star Pamela Anderson on “Bigg Boss” to boost ratings further.

The Indian government’s decision came after citizen groups and social organisations lodged protests over the provocative nature of the reality shows.

Do you think these shows need to be moved to the late-night slot? Should the government decide when you can watch TV shows? Are these reality shows unsuitable for children? Share your views.


There are things far worse on Indian television. I think we need to keep an open mind. Sitcoms that promote honour killing and child marriage are far more dangerous than a “Bigg Boss” and “Rakhi ka Insaaf”. Moving reality TV shows to a late-night slot may not result in the desired effect. Be it adults or children, those who want to watch these shows will find a way to watch them. Are they going to block the shows on YouTube as well?

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I would request the indian parliment to function from 11pm to 5 am.

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Its surprising that they haven’t been on air from 11 pm since the beginning. Rakhi Sawant’s show is meant only to titillate and shock and has no place in prime time viewing. Bigg Boss by virtue of being among the most boring seasons ever, had a right to hold onto its prime time slow. Then they threw in (and now have thrown out) Dolly Bindra. However, the final decision on what to watch should be with the viewers. As long as its not pornographic, it should the remote that does the talking and not the government.

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I support this with an emphatic Yes!

Anyways, the real debate is not about Bigg Boss but the more conceptual issue of censorship and moral policing. While the elite free-speech supporters amongst us – morbidly pondering out from their sea-view flats (and offices) in Colaba… or the Chai-tapree in Jadhavpur / JNU campu…s – would mourn the death of democracy; lets just for once ponder on the reality of media today – don’t we see a rising shallowness, and blatant assault?

Imaging an common-place Indian’s family room when pamela would do a dhak-dhak number in her barely-there bust cloth or when your kid’s channel sells Nazar-shuraksha kawach and Shani yantra to kids undergoing high-school pressure… Or NEWS of the three horned cow and the Aliens abduction of Mrs. Obama – on tv, in press, radio… any medium worth’s its salt.

Talk to a family in Varanasi or Madurai – and you wont have to go too far for it – they’re your aunts, uncles, little cousins and parents… look into there live… And you would know. What we need to ask is – are we okay with the Media monkeying around in our lives like this?

Thousands of studies have talked or how the media is shaping our thought, values, actions (and consumption) – the idea of ‘a viewer having a free-will and discretion’ has been stretched too far to hide the ugliness of the TRP game and the disregard of people as units of the society but seeing them only as consumption unit in a market – Enough abusing of freedom in the name of free-speech.

Someone needs to slap the bully – the stink that today’s media has become.

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People can switch of TV of change channel and not see this BigBoss .. but what about BigBoss clippings aired in between other serials like Balika Vadhu etc.

So let them air it at 11:00PM whoever want to see it any way will wake up late and see it late night!

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