Should Manmohan Singh resign?

By Reuters Staff
November 20, 2010

Prime Minister Manmohan SinghPrime Minister Manmohan Singh has been criticised by the Supreme Court over why he failed to probe what could potentially emerge as the country’s biggest corruption scam.

The telecoms scandal is the biggest challenge to Singh, 78, since he became prime minister in 2004, and how the next few days unfold will be key to his political survival.

Telecoms Minister Andimuthu Raja was sacked last week after months of pressure from the opposition and Indian media.

The Supreme Court publicly criticised Singh for “alleged inaction” in taking 16 months to decide if Raja should be charged and investigated, a blow to the image of a prime minister seen as one of the country’s most honest politicians.

Attorney General G.E. Vahanvati will defend the prime minister in person at the Supreme Court on Tuesday, and he is expected to say Singh followed correct procedure.

The court cannot prosecute the prime minister but could say he failed to investigate Raja. Any suggestion that Singh ignored a case for prosecution would deal a severe blow to his reputation and call his leadership into question.

Should the prime minister resign?


If politicians started resigning after every scandal, the country will be leaderless. Despite his “inaction” in the telecoms scandal, Singh is still the cleanest politician around and the opposition cannot put up a better candidate. Yet another reminder that more intellectuals should enter politics — otherwise it will remain murky for ever.

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The idea of Singh resigning is totally absurd. What whould happen after the resignation? Who would take up the job smoothly? It would be more likely that a conflict between the parties would rise up again. Yes, more intellectuals should enter politics for a prospering India.

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I don’t think a resignation is needed as of now. Let us wait and see what the SC has to say. But yes, guilty should be punished! Am sure Singh would do a good job doing that!

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If we don’t have any one better than Mr. MMS, his PM services to people of India should be extended till the time we find the better person. But surely he is not the one we would like to continue for long. It a simple thing we may have honest security at our door, but if he sleeps during a big robbery, we would like to replace him with someone who is honest and will not sleep while on job. I don’t believe he is honest, at least he is not honest to his job. If he would have been a scandal of such a magnitude wouldn’t have happen and even if it would have happen he would have caught and punished the culprits even before the opposition and people of india have compelled him to act. with falling expectation from politician we are also diluting the word Honest and Clean by assigning him to this PM under whom the series of scams have happened and he is so reluctant to punish and probe.

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Is the PM to blame for this mess?
Yes, he is culpable on account of inaction in the cases of CWG and 2G scams. However the PM is generally perceived to be an honorable man. But he is an incompetent leader. He does not possess the management or administrative strength to govern his ministers. He could be an honest man, but unfortunately he is only a puppet on a string controlled by the corrupt congress party.
The congress party depends on the support of the DMK party to remain in power. The DMK has proved time and again that it is the epitome of corruption.
The PM with the help of Sonia, can take this opportunity to do a good turn for our country men who are crying out for justice. He should not resign because the country cannot afford the cost of another election. He should take bold and decisive steps to get rid of all the corrupt ministers and babus, and give them exemplary punishment. Send these jokers to jail for 100 years. Use this opportunity to clean up the government machinery. Next, take immediate steps to cancel all the contracts awarded by Raja to the companies. These companies are partners in crime along with Mr. Raja. Criminal proceedings should be initiated against them and they should be black listed from future government contracts.
God bless our country.

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I think this question is only being asked to increase the number of hits the website would get.

Posing big questions for every incident seems to have become common among media channels/sites in their effort to draw attention to themselves.

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Being the commander & controller of the cabinet PM cannot escape the responsibility of dousing the fire the very moment there is smoke than to do the fire fighting after the damage caused by fire. Sitting on such a responsible post should have the interest of the nation at the top than the party and politics and must never shirk to take action against the guilty irrespective of the fallout be it even downfall of the government. Instead he should have kept his resignation handy after the action. Simply getting proclaimed honest individually does not suffice but as head of the team has to select only honest and capable ministers to avoid such condition where he is to answer Supreme Court for no action in the past in spite of being disobeyed by former telecom minister A. Raja.

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One is hard to understand who are corrupt and who are honest. Honesty doesn’t necessarily subscribe to the idea of silent. Mr Singh might be an honest person but his government is corrupt – that is no one can deny about. From Commonwealth Games to Adarsh Housing scam to Spectrum. In just a short period of time, not a single prime minister or the government of the country never ever faced such a high altitude of scandals. If he is/was an honest and sincere prime minister, he should have taken strong measure to his government and other ministries. But he didn’t do that – Does it mean he is incompetent to lead the country or look after his government. And lastly whether he should quit as PM or not is one’s consciousness. But the time has already late. Also it won’t bring any change in the system.

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Indian Constitution has structured ‘collective responsibility’ of the executive with Cabinet being lead by ‘first among equals’. Projecting ‘clean’ image of one or few from a flock shows the way our executive values the ideals of Constitution.

Sixteen months delay on overt request seeking permission to prosecute person involved in scam, appointing CVC from questionable back ground and tuning CBI investigations on other party leaders for survival of Government hardly bestows ‘clean’ image.

India as a nation has become ‘hostage’ of political greed with hardly any alternatives to stained political dynasties and their cronies. Ironically political dynasties that leech on democracy continue to preach ‘clean’ image.

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It is true that Dr.Manmohan Singh has failed on many fronts but where is the replacement? Many thought that coming from non-political background he will bring a new style of leadership, a professional with committment to results. Sadly this has not been so. On the contrary, lack of adeptness in dealing with the pressures of coailition politics and his own position in party makes him toothless and helpless. the authority-responsibility gap which the highest decision maker of the country faces today does not fare well with the country’s future. In fact Manmohan singh is not a political leader. He may be an expert in economics, he may be a good human being, but that does not make him a good leader. Being apolitical is not the qualification of a good leader at all.

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This is plain and simple that after the incident of Court observation, PM should resign. PM is holding highest office in the country to govern and when another independent institution, the Judiciary found lapses,the resignation / replacement is in plain simple words is blunt “YES”.
Although, Dr. Singh is an honest person and economist,he is not a true politician / leader.

The PM is holding the office and acting as a leader on behalf of few politicians of the party he represents.Those politicians constantly guides/ advices the PM’s chair as to do what and those politicians are enjoying their respective offices at the cost of the nation.

The opposition’s are neither mature nor honest to build this nation but fails to raise the real political issue to hit back to those politicians at this stage and expose them,so that work culture changes in political platform in India and leaders should be accountable to this nation to perform.

Th mere JPC Probe is not enough at this stage, so much scams came to light, the Adarsh,CWG,bribery for Home loans, all these issues are not being fought by the opposition in right directions.

A strong leader is not at all visible to take forward and highlight these issues with true spirit for the interest of this nation. Also politically these issues are opportunities and no leaders are there to utilize these opportunities.

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In the recent time there are three people were do good things upper nili chatari wala (the God)In Japan,niche Nili pagadi wale PM saab In India and the famous tikadi of USA France And UK to capture the oil field of Muslim country and vanish them from power,So the let talk about present government of india is the very corrupt govt. in the history of india and the manmohan sing is the man who wa not a good administrator since narsimha’s govt. when he was the finance minister he did some good work but still i knew that i was 16 year’s old the inflation to high, lot of borrowings stock market scam and since that time nothing change but the amount of scam is grownup and find more area of scam, There are lot of scam in India after thr revealing of telco’s scam like scam in infrastructure, UMPP allotment, NAREGA, NRHM, Stock market, agriculture ministry,and etc. i would like wikileaks that provide a information that a common people not know that his vote were waste since independence if he given vote to the congress because last time I vote them and still I thing that i waste my vote to choose such corrupt govt. and I never vote in future if the public of Indian vote to kind of person who not thinking about the employment , education, road , water, health of poor people. there are to many things to write but the I feel so bad that people of india never change why i worried ………………….. god help us or the tikadi of US UK And France …………………………..

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