PM defends himself in rare media roundtable

By Reuters Staff
February 16, 2011

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh speaks during a news conference in Washington November November 25, 2009. REUTERS/Molly Riley/Files Prime Minister Manmohan Singh defends himself against accusations his government was a lame duck, saying it was trying to bring justice in some of the country’s biggest corruption scandals in decades.

The 78-year-old Singh has been under increasing pressure to stamp out corruption.

Was he able to effectively tackle criticism? Are you satisfied with his answers? Share your views.


He seems to be taking it all on the chin, including some bit of sermonizing by the invited editors.

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Some tough questions, please. Now, Arnab!

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Regional editors sticking to questions concerning their respective states.

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Is there any article on reuters where we can find the actual dialogue between Dr.Singh and the media representatives present at the round table?

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Hi cvsr, while we don’t have the actual dialogue text, we do have highlights of the PM’s comments in reply to the various questions. Here’s the link –  /idINIndia-54927820110216

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in this interview he admited passively himself that wrong happened butnot under his knowledge.and thrown evrything aganist and corned himself as victim of colition govermentand safegaurding congress.he had not spoke about his fellomates corruption deal much.this interview is merly pushed by oppositon and media

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