Anna arrested: Will the move backfire?

By Reuters Staff
August 16, 2011

Veteran social activist Anna Hazare has been arrested by police at his home to prevent him from defying authorities with a fast to the death.

Will the move backfire? Share your views.

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Views (via phone)
ANIL ZINGADE (Pune) – “Whatever he’s doing is very good. It’s a good decision for such a thing. We’re always there for support.”


Recently we have seen very crual face of Government i.e. crush everything which comes in its way … they say Anna is not above Legislation but we ask them are they (Government) above even a single Voter …?? can they crush peaceful protest when they temselve have invited Anna to form a joint committe to draft lokpal bill …

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Anna’s central issue will immediately resonate with all of us who are exposed to corruption across all levels of the Government. The only reason why his rally has really not boiled over like in the Middle East, is only because of the nonchalance of the public at large – mostly the urban class (like yours truly) which is too lazy to get out of its armchair and rally around this bold man who is highlighting this issue to all us repeatedly. My guess is, while its not really resulting in a mass uprising now, this could only be a matter of time. It is just this that the Government should realize. For, unlike in the Middle East, where there were other measures used to quell such uprisings, in India, given our democratic structure, a mass uprising that has gained critical mass, can quickly deteriorate into civil unrest and civil war. That would be a great loss most of all to members of the Government. Hope they realize this before its too late.

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