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COLUMN – Karun Chandhok: Flat out off track


Karun ChandhokThe British Grand Prix weekend has always been one of my favourites. Ever since I raced here in the GP support race in Formula 3, it’s always been a weekend I’ve looked forward to — great crowd, great circuit, fantastic atmosphere and I get to stay in my own bed.

But being my adopted home race makes it a really busy weekend for me off track. The weekend really started on Wednesday itself this time. I promised the catering guys and also some of the guys in the team that I would bring them real home-cooked curry for lunch when they came to England and on Wednesday I did just that.

Karun's carIt was borderline spicy for a lot of people but everyone seemed to enjoy it – Sakon even asked me to write down the recipe for him. I spent Wednesday afternoon cycling around the circuit. Despite all the noise about the “new” circuit, to me it really wasn’t a big deal — three new corners really doesn’t make a “new circuit” but it was still nice to spend a couple hours pedalling around.

The wind was ridiculously strong which made pedalling around hard work and gave me an idea of just what it would be like in a super aero-sensitive machine such as a Formula 1 car.