The Great Debate (India)

The Godhra verdict: Will there be closure?

A special court in Ahmedabad on Tuesday handed down death sentences to 11 people convicted in the Godhra train burning case. 20 others were given life-terms.

A policeman walks towards the entrance of a train carriage set ablaze in Godhra February 27, 2002. REUTERS/Stringer/FilesThe deadly train fire in Godhra killed 59 passengers, most of them Hindu pilgrims, and triggered riots in the Hindu-dominated state of Gujarat. A mob of Muslim men was blamed for starting the fire.

More than 2,500 people, most of them Muslims, were burned and hacked to death in a month of violence in Gujarat in 2002, according to human rights groups. Officials put the death toll at about 1,000.

Will there be any closure for the victims of the Godhra incident and the subsequent riots? Share your views.