The Great Debate (India)

A relook at moral policing: Khushboo’s case


(Pinky Anand is a Supreme Court lawyer who fought the case on behalf of Khushboo. The views expressed here are her own)

Pinky AnandThe recent Supreme Court judgement in Khushboo’s case addresses interesting questions with far-reaching impact. In a short span, we have witnessed various episodes of moral policing ranging from violent physical attacks, to criminal complaints, to Public Interest Litigation (PILs) in courts.

In January 2009, the incident in Mangalore where young women were thrashed by Ram Sena workers merely because they chose to sit in a pub, spoke volumes about the intimidation and misuse of power by anti-social workers.

Similarly, the display of outrage by some sections of society because Richard Gere kissed Shilpa Shetty in public in April 2007 during an AIDS awareness event, indicates our intolerance as a society towards the expression and display of emotion by different people.