The Great Debate (India)

Hiroshima Day: bleak prospects for disarmament


(C. Uday Bhaskar is a New Delhi-based strategic analyst. The views expressed in this column are his own)

Yet another Hiroshima Day will be observed on August 6 with grave solemnity in Japan but few other parts of the world will mark the mushroom day of August 6, 1945 with the deep concern it ought to receive.

Sixty-four years after the apocalyptic destructive potential of the atomic bomb was recognized, it may be posited that the global community is less secure apropos the nuclear domain with every passing day.

While Myanmar is now perceived to be the latest potential member of the nuclear  weapon ‘club’, the overlap between state and non-state entities who are contributing to covert nuclear  proliferation remains as opaque as it has been for well over three decades.