The Great Debate (India)

Should Manmohan Singh resign?

Prime Minister Manmohan SinghPrime Minister Manmohan Singh has been criticised by the Supreme Court over why he failed to probe what could potentially emerge as the country’s biggest corruption scam.

The telecoms scandal is the biggest challenge to Singh, 78, since he became prime minister in 2004, and how the next few days unfold will be key to his political survival.

Telecoms Minister Andimuthu Raja was sacked last week after months of pressure from the opposition and Indian media.

The Supreme Court publicly criticised Singh for “alleged inaction” in taking 16 months to decide if Raja should be charged and investigated, a blow to the image of a prime minister seen as one of the country’s most honest politicians.

Attorney General G.E. Vahanvati will defend the prime minister in person at the Supreme Court on Tuesday, and he is expected to say Singh followed correct procedure.