The Great Debate (India)

Maoist killings in Dantewada call for multi-pronged response


The well-planned  ambush and deliberate killing of  more than 70 security personnel by Maoist cadres on April 6 in the Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh has caused enormous anger and anguish all over India.

INDIA-MAOIST/The phrase 6/4 is being added to the blood-splattered internal security lexicon of India that is still coping with 26/11 – the equally pre-meditated and cold-blooded Mumbai attacks of November 2008.

Are India’s complex internal security challenges becoming more intractable?

The answer, alas, is yes. And the reasons have to do as much with the virulence of the Maoist cadres as with the inadequate response of the state over the last decade plus.

Notwithstanding the fact that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as far back as November 2005, had identified the Maoist-left wing extremist (LWE) constituency as the gravest danger to the country, the national security apex of the country and the trouble prone states have not been able to create adequate capacity to contain this challenge and provide the right redress and related measures.

Pakistan in a maelstrom?


udaybhaskar1( C. Uday Bhaskar is a New Delhi-based strategic analyst. The views expressed in the column are his own)

The Ides of March have been linked with deep political intrigue and pre-meditated violence and history notes that Caesar paid a very heavy price for not paying heed to the sage advice rendered unto him.