Put your questions to David Cameron

December 14, 2008


(UPDATED Dec 18 – This post is now closed for questions)

Conservative Party leader David Cameron will be speaking on the economy and the credit crunch at Thomson Reuters’ Canary Wharf office on Monday, followed by a question and answer session.

The Tory leader has argued that two main problems face Britain at present – a recession coupled with a record level of government debt, and that the government is trying to tackle one while ignoring the other.

“Every week this government is in power the mortgaging of the future gets greater. Every week the debt gets larger. Every week the burdens on our children mount up higher,” Cameron has said. He has accused Gordon Brown of “economic crimes” saying the Prime Minister “has brought this country to the brink of bankruptcy and the worst recession in the G7.”

Here is your chance to put your questions to the man credited with making the Conservative Party electable again. We will be putting questions from our Web readers to Cameron at the event.

For full coverage of the event, including a live Web cast from 1000 GMT on Monday, see our David Cameron Newsmaker page.

Readers who use the Twitter micro-blogging service can also use the tag #askDC and we will monitor all the responses.


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