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December 14, 2008


(UPDATED Dec 18 – This post is now closed for questions)

Conservative Party leader David Cameron will be speaking on the economy and the credit crunch at Thomson Reuters’ Canary Wharf office on Monday, followed by a question and answer session.

The Tory leader has argued that two main problems face Britain at present – a recession coupled with a record level of government debt, and that the government is trying to tackle one while ignoring the other.

“Every week this government is in power the mortgaging of the future gets greater. Every week the debt gets larger. Every week the burdens on our children mount up higher,” Cameron has said. He has accused Gordon Brown of “economic crimes” saying the Prime Minister “has brought this country to the brink of bankruptcy and the worst recession in the G7.”

Here is your chance to put your questions to the man credited with making the Conservative Party electable again. We will be putting questions from our Web readers to Cameron at the event.

For full coverage of the event, including a live Web cast from 1000 GMT on Monday, see our David Cameron Newsmaker page.

Readers who use the Twitter micro-blogging service can also use the tag #askDC and we will monitor all the responses.


What is your policy regarding “frozen” pensions for certain British pensioners living overseas?

Posted by Michael Macfarlane | Report as abusive

What is the Conservative Party’s policy regarding compensating Equitable Life policyholders?

Posted by Patricia Macfarlane | Report as abusive

It is good to see that you are proposing to spend only what the country can afford but anyone who has worked in or around the Public Sector knows how poorly managed it is, both in terms of projects and people, leading to extremely inefficient spending of tax payers money.

Neither politicians or senior civil servants seems to have the business backgrounds to achieve real change. What is David Cameron going to do achieve real cost savings through increased efficiency rather than just cutting back on some services.

Posted by Nigel L | Report as abusive

What would a Conservative government do to protect the value of the £stg against the euro?

Posted by Tony Hazell | Report as abusive

Given that so many first time buyers have been priced out of the housing market over the last few years, do you think a fall in house prices might actually be good a thing?

Posted by Toby Ash | Report as abusive

Given the recent sharp fall in sterling do you think that overseas investors in the UK would have felt more confident had the UK adopted the Euro?

Posted by ROGER POTTER | Report as abusive

How would the conservative party set about getting police officers out from behind desks, filling in hours of forms and back on the streets actually policing?

Posted by Jay | Report as abusive

After the good news that you want legal proceedings taken against illegal behaviour by bankers and others in the financial sector, how are you going to implement any investigations? And where should people send information or evidence of such actions given that the regulatory bodies cannot be relied upon to act?

Posted by Nikki Turner | Report as abusive

Would you consider bringing some more experienced Tories into the Shadow Cabinet? People like Ken Clarke or David Davis seem popular and competent.

Posted by richard | Report as abusive

Much has been said by the Government regarding their actions in protecting British savers, ignoring the fact that their actions against the Iclandic Banks brought about the collapse of Kaupthing Singer & Friedlander Isle of Man Ltd. As a result thousands of British savers no longer have access to their funds, whilst some Stg 550 million belonging to the Isle of Man branch is frozen in KSF(UK). The Government has been side stepping the issue and the Justice Department has shown its incompetence in representing the Isle of Man ( a crown dependancy) in this regard. Do you consider this honest? Is a complete open investigation not required?

Posted by Ian Davison | Report as abusive

Do you believe we should be building more houses now, if so how should we achieve this, with the Housing Associations and House Builders verging on Bankruptcy and banks unwilling to lend.

Posted by Mike Crosbie | Report as abusive

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I woukld like to know if we can scrap Hips every time i want to sell my house i have to produce a new HIPS IT CAUSES A DOWTURN in selling houses,When the house is sold then a Hips can be produced which would only give you a one off payment.
As the house prices were down to goverment error along with america we should be able to claim Difference in house price i have lost £35,000 on my house but cannot claim of the goverment but the Goverment can make claims
o.k for them can we claim compensation for losses ,why do we pay £44,000 per day to europe that money could be put to better use in our own country or compensate those who have lost money on there houses because of bad money managment or lending.

Posted by Kevin | Report as abusive