Ask the regulator

By Reuters Staff
March 2, 2009

Hector Sants, Chief Executive of the Financial Services Authority, has agreed to take questions from Reuters readers after he delivers his first major speech on the future of financial market supervision on March 12th at the Thomson Reuters Building in London.

Sants, who was appointed just before Northern Rock was plunged into crisis, said last month that fresh thinking was needed in financial market supervision, pledged to get more involved in assessing the competence of senior bankers and waived his entitlement to a bonus for last year amid criticism of the FSA’s performance.

So what should the FSA do to sort out the banks and the markets? Reuters columnist Jim Saft gives his assessment of the challenges facing the regulator:

Thomas Raber, Managing Director of Alvine Capital, sees changes to the regulation of hedge funds as important:

Send us your questions via the comments section below or if you’re on Twitter use the #askfsa tag and we’ll try to get as many of your questions answered as possible. See the Great Debate twitter site to follow other debates hosted by Reuters.


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