Comments on: Darling gambles with Britain’s credit Wed, 16 Nov 2016 01:37:11 +0000 hourly 1 By: Kimberley Thu, 23 Apr 2009 12:22:48 +0000 While I believe that many high earners are there because the little people put them there (e.g. heads of industry, rock stars etc) and that physically, they work no harder than “Joe Bloggs”, I agree that if taxes are to be raised on the rich they should be done for the right reasons.

Personally I think we should have slightly more tiers, for there is a vast difference between someone earning £50K (which fits inside the current high end tax bracket I am advised) and £1M annually.

I think politicians should work on real solutions and keep belts tightened for things that really matter. Although in the grand scheme of things, things like free day trips for juvenile delinquents probably cost the state very little, there are many things like this which could be managed better and more cheaply. We seem to have a confused idea about who we should reward in this country. Everyone needs the right nurturing start, but unless we get simple things like decent teaching, discipline and order, and careers advice right, which let’s face it is usually unrealistic or impractical for most children and they end up left with little clue about where to really go. As they say, give a man the means to fish and he’ll feed himself for life.

By: David Thu, 23 Apr 2009 10:55:23 +0000 Now we can all get very technical about the financial state of the economy but it is a political question now and a question of incompetence – and this government will get judged very soon. Heads will just have to roll. Shame the next shower of politicians will be or do no better. What we all forget is that politicians are very inept by their very nature. Most could not even run a sweet shop on the street corner without losing their shirt or their parents money (i.e other peoples money). I could just imagine it. And we all expect them to run an economy – laughable. Rarely could you find a politician that you would employ with any serious management responsibility. The reason is simple: over inflated egos and a sense of righteousness. Politics attracts people with ego problems and an unhealthy lust for saying they are always right about everything. We should put them on a commission basis. When they get it right, they get paid. When they get it wrong they don’t receive anything. Seems a good idea to me.

Sure it may be fair to tax high wage earners more (they have escaped perhaps for too long) but in this case it is nothing more than a political stunt and diversion. The extra revenue from this tax increase will do nothing. Nothing to help anyone but those politicians themselves win a few votes. The revenue is a drop in the ocean.

So “Let’s all blame the rich”. What a great idea and just what was needed to make us all feel better. I wish I could have thought of that. It is nearly as bad as invoking patriotism. The final step. The last vestige of the scoundrel as Dr Johnson put it..