Thomson Reuters Newsmaker: Ireland and the Lisbon Treaty

September 7, 2009

Political leaders gathered in Dublin to debate both sides of the controversial Lisbon Treaty and the implications it could have on the future of Europe.

The panel consisted of Micheál Martin, Ireland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nigel Farage MEP, leader of UKIP, Mary-Lou McDonald, Deputy President of Sinn Fein and David Begg, General Secretary of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions.

Watch the debate on the player below.


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It is simple – no point in spending hours of wasted time trying to sell this idea of a “treaty” – WE DO NOT by majority want the EU telling us how to run our lives and our countries! When will the politicians realise we all LOVE EUROPE but HATE THE EU. The politicians are yet again not listening to the will of the majority – what do we have to do to MAKE them listen and act upon our wishes?? WE do NOT WANT THE EU!!

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Well, I guess we should just drop the EU from EUROPE then, and give you the ROPE you love so dearly. Though I’m afraid you’d hang yourself with it!!

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The Silenced British Majority

The United Kingdom, a nation, does not belong to governments, it belongs to their people. No government possess a mandate or the right to surrender control of a sovereign nation to a foreign power without a mandate from the people. To do so would be treason.

Of the 27 member states of the EU, only Ireland was constitutionally bound and given a referendum on the Lisbon treaty, twice. Almost all the EU member states have endorsed the treaty through votes in their national parliaments, but only Ireland allowed its people to either endorse or reject the treaty. It had been left to the Irish people to decide the fate of Europe and all the Europeans who reside within.

The British people are angry, and rightly so, to see their nation betrayed by our own governments. I for one cannot even go into town without seeing the EU flag flying high outside one place of business with the British flag nowhere in sight. I hear the Prime Minister and MP’s speak of British pride and resolve, but I see very little evidence they share such pride and resolve other than to use it to dismantle and destroy our great nation.

The freedom and hopes of Europe rests with the Irish people, Vaclav Klaus, the Czech president, and political parties like UKIP to expose the Lisbon treaty for what it is and kill it.

The Lisbon treaty re-run on 2 October 2009 is not just an Irish battle for democracy in Ireland; it is a battle for democracy throughout Europe. The EU is not Europe, it is an organisation consisting of an elite class who want to control and rule Europe, and it is a dictatorship.

I included a number of links on my blog site (given below) for any and all who wish to investigate and explore allegations made. The links include neutral sites and even the EU itself.

Best wishes and good luck to the Irish NO campaign.

Phoenix One UK (

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