Jack Straw cites trust as top issue for UK democracy

November 24, 2009

In a wide-ranging lecture in London on Monday hosted by Brunel University‘s Magna Carta Institute, Justice Secretary Jack Straw outlined his thoughts on the state of democracy in Britain and beyond.

After the talk, Straw told Reuters that the most pressing issue in UK democracy is the need for politicians to restore public trust following an expenses scandal that forced the main political parties to work together to resolve the crisis.

“People feel a bit detached from the political system,” Straw said, adding that it is important to work out ways to “get people back into connection.”

Disclosures earlier this year that MPs claimed on their expenses for everything from manure to porn films triggered public outrage. The controversy led MPs to oust parliament’s speaker for the first time in 300 years.


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The expenses saga is a convenient smokescreen for the more fundamental reasons why politicians are regarded as no better than criminals:- our independence sold-out to the EU project;- our culture undermined by mass immigration;- the economy ruined;- an entire generation of young people condemned towelfare dependency by a failed education system;- our soldiers killed in foreign wars of aggression.Trust? Yeah – like you trust a rattlesnake.

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Jack Straw being anti English and anti democracy for England is not fit to be associated with the Magna Carta.

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A while back i heard a speach from Jack straw. It was remarkable in its content. Transactionally it contained absolutely not a scarrig of Adult in it. It alternated from Child and then to Parent in rapid succession. Freud would be and is still laughing in his Grave today. Of coarse the Ephimism of Politacal Speach is envoked or more dirivatively speaking Forked Toungue is Closer. IN other circumstances such behaviour linguistically would bring a diagnoses or Scitophrenia. Chidish and non Adult choice of Two was also envolved. SO to proclaim that trust is original GENDRE to be addresed is Falacious and Farcical. WORDS and Sanity of the WOLVES in charge of huddled masses LAMIKINS and sweet Bo PEEP would be closer to reality. What is Funny is Polititions already know this. But when they are Found out they need to redirect the argument in order to keep the orchistrated secret meetings of organised lieing going. AND then they claim it has always been like this and that it is the Basis of Democracy that in camera meetings or other Ephimisms such as Cabinet etc are interigal to Collective Lieing in order to keep the whole thing( for our own GOOD of coarse ) Going. Bless their childish cotton socks.

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