Comments on: Women on course to control larger proportion of wealth Wed, 16 Nov 2016 01:37:11 +0000 hourly 1 By: krishnamurthi ramachandran Fri, 05 Feb 2010 16:06:56 +0000 Dear Author,
Excellent writings with facts and figures on womens great roles on property accumulations and very good savings for future years.
Here, You have mentioned about American womens roles for wealth mobilizations, investment in real sectors and savings in available financial institutions.Thats great on American wealth point of view.
I have been observing,experiencing, reading, writing and their present moods to get,involve on buying,selling and giving rented houses to tenants from Indian women and from other developed,developing nations from Asian women into the above segments.
In India, now a days, many women are educated,employing in many sectors on the basis of their qualifications,past experiences and more mobility to day today modern available means of communications.
For example, majority of my relatives,family friends females are in jobs in Middle East,America,U.K.France,Singapore,Austra lia and in south east Asia and in some pacific countries.
They bring lot of cash reserve, providing good education to their children,and to some social welfare activities from time to time.They started to have accounts,giving ideas,plans for very safer investments in real sectors,in bank deposits,mutual funds and in shares to their spouses.
These are all real smile to their family,relatives,friends and to their home country and to places of permanent stay at foreign countries.
If some educated women reads of these wonderful writings from you or from this world famous news/service provider to many parts of the world and in mouth to mouth propaganda either by American women or from other parts of the world will bring a certain well deserved changes on investment,future financial plans and create more motivations to their dear and to near ones.