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Potential own goal with congested mobile network traffic



-Steve Nicholson is CEO at The Cloud. The opinions expressed are his own.-

There we were, transfixed as a nation hoping to see England beat Germany to progress in the World Cup – we watched the match from our homes, maybe the office, or in my case at the pub.

Over the course of the World Cup more and more of us have been able to snatch a glance of the matches whilst out and about – on our mobile phones, iPods or maybe even iPads for those lucky few..

Oh how the world is changing – we used to dream of using our mobiles to watch TV and here we are thanks to Sky, the BBC and ITV, with their iPlayers, able to do so.  However, just as the moment arises, the mobile networks don’t have the capacity to enable this to happen.

I remember vividly back in the early 90’s shouting from the roof tops about how 3G would transform the way we use mobile technology, how our mobiles would switch the lights on and off, set the central heating, the alarm and even park the car – ok, that bit’s not true!

Apple iPad: danger or opportunity for mobile operators?



-Ken Denman is CEO of Openwave Systems. The opinions expressed are his own.-

With the launch of the iPad 3G, the industry is holding its collective breath to see the impact that the device will ultimately have on already overtaxed networks.

The iPad is expected to be a home and WiFi-centric, coffee-table device that people use for reading newspapers and browsing the occasional email. But until users get their hands on the 3G device and start to use it how they want to use it, it is all speculation. What is not speculation however, is that usage of the device is going to put more pressure on networks that are already creaking under the strain of the mobile data overload.

Are mobile networks at risk of a meltdown?


social networking- Steve Nicholson, CEO at The Cloud. -

Five years ago the thought that we could be on the move accessing applications such as You Tube or Facebook, or watching TV or listening to music using our mobile phones was no more than a dream – today it’s a reality.

If we take a step back and assess the journey of the mobile phone over the past few years it has been nothing short of epic.  It has progressed from a piece of technology for the modern business person to a must-have item.