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Kraft’s wait for Cadbury helps square debt circle

January 20, 2010

Sometimes the wait can be worth it. Kraft’s sweetened offer for Cadbury followed four months of drooling over the British chocolatier that must have seemed like four years for Irene Rosenfeld, Kraft’s chief executive. But the delay had its benefits. Though the cheese and crackers conglomerate will have to raise more money to fund the final deal, that's become easier and cheaper since Kraft launched its bid.

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Don’t cry for the dollar, yet

September 18, 2009

agnes1-- Agnes T. Crane is a Reuters columnist. The views expressed are her own --

It looks bad for the dollar, but looks can be deceiving.

Its sharp decline in the last week has pushed the euro to its highest level in a year and reignited fears that there's only one place for the dollar to go, and that's down.