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from UK News:

Too big to fail? Guerrilla central banking and the last resort

ukreuterscomDeciding it was safe to come clean because banks are now on a more even keel and the worst of the credit crisis is behind us, the Bank of England has told the nation that at the height of the turmoil it secretly lent Royal Bank of Scotland and HBOS a colossal £62 billion, which is more than the entire British defence budget.

Both banks faced the imminent closure of high street cash machines and the curtailment of normal banking operations across the country.

The Bank said "this was a dire emergency" and Downing Street called the secret lending of taxpayers' money in the Autumn of 2008 "a powerful reminder of how close the banking system came to near collapse."

In Westminster, some MPs were flabbergasted, even though the loans have now been repaid.