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from Felix Salmon:

Facebook doesn’t care where Goldman gets its funds

January 6, 2011

The NYT is reporting that Goldman Sachs only made its $450 million investment in Facebook after its in-house private equity fund, Goldman Sachs Capital Partners, passed on the deal.

from Felix Salmon:

Is Ireland’s problem a Basel problem?

November 24, 2010

Does the Ireland crisis bespeak a major weakness in the Basel capital-adequacy regime? Simon Nixon thinks so: the fact that investors won't lend to Bank of Ireland, he says, "highlights a major weakness of the Basel capital rules that European banks operate under."

from Felix Salmon:

Why Wall Street won’t get shrunk

November 22, 2010

This week's New Yorker features 8,000 words from John Cassidy on how financiers extract rents from the real economy rather than adding real value. His article features not only The Epicurean Dealmaker, star of blog and Twitter, but also Paul Woolley, a former fund manager who now runs the Woolley Centre for the Study of Market Dysfunctionality, a man who knows how to give great quote:

from Felix Salmon:

Learning from Ireland

November 10, 2010

I love the way that the WSJ today covers the collapse of Ireland's banking system, and with it the country's fiscal leadership. There's little if any actual news here, but that's a feature, not a bug: it frees up the WSJ's writers and editors to present the big-picture narrative in as clear and compelling a manner as possible, without having to overemphasize some small factoid which they happen to be breaking.

Savings and the alchemy of credit

October 27, 2010

— Ann Pettifor is Director of Advocacy International and a Fellow of the New Economics Foundation. The opinions expressed are her own —

Live webcast: Which banks give good customer service?

October 5, 2010

You can’t keep banks out of the headlines – and often for the wrong reasons. The bail-out cost too high – interest rates too low. Trust through the floor – complaints through the roof.

First Direct CEO Matt Colebrook answers your questions

October 4, 2010

– Matt Colebrook is Chief Executive of online bank First Direct. The opinions expressed are his own. –mattcolbrook

from Felix Salmon:

Why Ireland is bailing out foreign banks

September 27, 2010

Robert Peston has a theory for why Ireland can't bail in the sophisticated institutions which lent untold billions to the country's beleaguered banks:

Matt Colebrook on the future of banking

September 21, 2010

— Matt Colebrook is Chief Executive of online bank First Direct. The opinions expressed are his own. —

from MacroScope:

Investment week: Punch drunk and hard to startle

September 9, 2010

This week’s rehashing of European banking concerns – related variously to the Basel III impact on German banks, the ongoing morass re Anglo Irish Bank or any other scare story you want to exhume -- provided the latest excuse for a global markets wobble as September kicked off. Yet, with some justified head-scratching over what really was new to the world this week as opposed to last week, price moves showed little conviction. Most losses were quickly recouped and decibel level of the commentariat, still frantically competing to warn you of the next disaster, toned down.