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Leaders inspire, they never bully

February 25, 2010

JP 2009 Jonathan Perks is managing director of board and executive coaching at Penna. The opinions expressed are his own.-

Strong-arm management tactics harm staff and productivity

February 25, 2010

Gary Miles– Gary Miles is Head of Open Programmes and Events at Roffey Park – a provider of Leadership and Management courses. The opinons expressed are his own.-

Time to turn our attention to the needs of the bully?

February 25, 2010

Libby PayneLibby Payne is an executive committee member of the Employee Assistance Professionals Association and clinical director of CiC.  She has more than 20 years experience in the provision of workplace counselling and psychological support, specialising in the management of crisis interventions and complex personnel issues within organisations. The opinions expressed are her own. –

Workplace bullying: the dark side of organisational life

February 24, 2010

Linda_AlkerDr Linda Alker is a princpal lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University Business School.  Her areas of expertise include organisational change, leadership and workplace stress. The opinions expressed are her own. –

Is the Internet a dangerous playground?

August 14, 2009

caroline-cockerill– Caroline Cockerill is the Internet Safety Advocate at Symantec, UK. The opinions expressed are her own.-