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Can Donald Trump make Canada great again?

March 9, 2016

A deer runs close to the United States border with Canada near Havre, Montana, November 20, 2015. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

A deer runs close to the United States border with Canada near Havre, Montana, November 20, 2015. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

Canada’s role in averting a global water crisis

July 25, 2012

Bob Sandford is the EPCOR Chair in support of the United Nations Water for Life Decade in Canada and a member of the Rosenberg International Forum on Water Policy. He is also an advisor to RBC’s Blue Water Project. The opinions expressed are his own.

Women friends

March 4, 2011


Katherine Govier is the author of nine novels and three short story collections.  Her most recent novel The Ghost Brush is about the daughter of the famous Japanese printmaker, Hokusai, creator of The Great Wave. The opinions expressed are her own. Thomson Reuters is hosting a live blog on March 8, 2011 on the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day.

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Blocking BHP’s Potash bid could damage Canada

November 2, 2010

Blocking BHP's move on Potash Corp could be damaging for Canada. The government will decide by Wednesday whether to allow the $39 billion deal to proceed. A BHP takeover might squeeze the tax the fertilizer giant pays its home province. But those costs are outweighed by the discount that the country's companies would suffer if Canada was deemed to have turned protectionist.

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Waiting game may favor BHP in Potash battle

September 22, 2010

BHP Billiton is playing a waiting game. The longer regulators take to approve the miner's $38.6 billion offer for Canada's Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan, the more time there is for a rival bid to emerge. Yet any white knight is bound to face similar scrutiny. BHP's one-month head start in the lengthy process could prove to be a tactical advantage.

Are publication bans outdated in the Internet era?

January 25, 2010

IMG01299-20100115-2004The debate over freedom of expression and the impact of social networking on democratic rights in the courts is in focus in Canada after a Facebook group became the centre of controversy when it may have violated a publication ban.

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Israel rejects Jordanian bid to claim Dead Sea Scrolls

January 7, 2010

dead sea scrolls

Section of Dead Sea scrolls at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, 14 May 2008/Baz Ratner

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The royals on tour

November 3, 2009

HORSE-RACING/Prince Charles is in Canada, the Queen is expected to go there next year and William is preparing to go to New Zealand and Australia -- but are there signs that the locals are revolting?

The art of the dying general at 250 years old

September 10, 2009

generalwolfe1– Carl Mollins is a Toronto-based journalist who has worked at the Toronto Daily Telegram, Reuters (in London), The Canadian Press news service (in Toronto, London, Ottawa, Washington, DC) and Maclean’s magazine (in Toronto and Washington, DC). The opinions expressed are his own. –

Making the most of the Commonwealth’s potential

August 17, 2009

d2– Danny Sriskandarajah is Director of the Royal Commonwealth Society. The opinions expressed are his own –