The Great Debate UK

CES 2011 – Consumer Geek or Future Enterprise Insight



-Danny Wootton is director of innovation at Logica. The opinions expressed are his own.-

As ever with the Consumer Electronics Show, there has been a flurry of announcements of new technology and the latest must have gadgets.  However, depending on how you look at what comes out of this show and what your view is on the consumerisation of enterprise IT, then you can either think of the show a geek heaven or an insight to the technologies and tools we’ll all be using in our organisations in years to come.

So I thought I’d look through some of the major announcements and trends and take a look at how and when we can expect to see them in business.

The World In 3D

The show saw a plethora of 3D related announcements covering 3D content, products and services. The range of hardware devices included 3DTVs, Blu-ray players, AV receivers, PCs and Games Consoles, with Sony showing 3D gaming on the PS3.  From a service perspective we are also starting to see organisations such as Sky and ESPN provide 3D TV. There is also a promise of 3D mobile devices, tablets and the emergence of Autostereocopy, the delivery of 3D with the need for special eyewear.