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G20 Toronto Summit: unexciting, but constructive?


-Paola Subacchi, Research Director, International Economics, Chatham House, London. The opinions expressed are her own.-

The G20 summit in Toronto is not expected to create much excitement, and it never was. It comes after an intense summitry year and two meetings  – held in 2009 in London and Pittsburgh – that are difficult acts to follow.

At the London Summit the G20 leaders agreed on a number of reforms designed to head off future crises. By increasing the resources available to the IMF they created a critical crisis-resolution mechanism.

Furthemore, the London Summit set the pace for the reform of the international economic institutions, notably the IMF, and for a more inclusive governance of the world economy. In Pittsburgh the U.S. administration made a further step towards better economic governance and recognised the G20 as the forum for global economic and financial affairs.

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Robin Shepherd is a senior research fellow at Chatham House in London. The opinions expressed are his own.

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