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Goodness, now Rio finds it can afford a dividend

August 20, 2009

Can it really be a mere six months since Rio Tinto agreed to sell its birthright to Chinalco, losing its chairman-designate in the process? Indeed it can, and it shows how fast things change in the whacky world of commodities. In February, the directors panicked that the business might run out of cash; now they are signalling that they should be able to find $1.75 billion, or around $1.15 a share, for a dividend next year.

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Bet on small firms to lead China global foray

By Wei Gu
June 17, 2009

Wei Gu--Wei Gu is a Reuters columnist. The opinions expressed are her own--

Chairman Mao used to say the truth is always kept by the minority.

A little-known private Chinese machinery company's bid for a GM marque has been sneered at by even the patriotic Chinese media, but the deal could succeed where mightier plays like Chinalco's for Rio Tinto have failed.

The rights road to Rio

May 6, 2009

— Neil Collins is a Reuters columnist. The views expressed are his own —
Shareholders in Rio Tinto would very much like to buy a bond yielding 9 percent, convertible into ordinary shares at $45, a tiny premium to today’s price of 29.30 pounds.