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Tide turns against nuclear energy

March 21, 2011


By Kathleen Brooks. The opinions expressed are her own.

As the nuclear threat in Japan steps up a gear, global politicians have pre-empted a wave of anti-atomic feeling from their public and spoken out against nuclear reactors, which threatens its future as a viable alternative to oil.

from The Great Debate:

Nuclear power: pros and cons

By Reuters Staff
September 9, 2009

As part of the Reuters Summit on global climate and alternative energy, asked Carl Pope, executive director of the Sierra Club and Ian Hore-Lacy, director of public communication for the World Nuclear Association to discuss the role of nuclear energy. Here are their responses.

from The Great Debate (Commentary):

Nuclear power is not the way forward

September 7, 2009

carlpope-sierraclub-- Carl Pope is executive director of the Sierra Club. The views expressed are his own. --
Nuclear power is not a responsible choice and makes no sense as part of America's clean energy future. We can meet our energy needs through energy efficiency and renewable energy, and have a clean and healthy world without nuclear power.

“Green growth” strategy viable for African economy

June 12, 2009

michael_keating -Michael Keating is director of the Africa Progress Panel. The opinions expressed are his own.-

from The Great Debate:

Clean energy investment needs greener light

By Paul Taylor
February 10, 2009

-- Paul Taylor is a Reuters columnist. The opinions expressed are his own --

paul-taylorInvestors in clean energy are like motorists stuck at broken traffic lights. The public policy light is green but the price and credit lights are deep red.